1 Lilla Street, Woody Point QLD 4019

Request to Change (Other) - Material Change of Use - Development Permit for Multiple Dwellings (15 units)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: Moreton Bay Regional Council, reference 2017/33818/VCHG/2)


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  1. Susan Napier commented

    I think it is disgusting that this application is that even allowed to be made. Woody Point’s coastal/village lifestyle community and does not need ridiculous buildings of heights such as this. The other development to which they are referring as a benchmark, is already under appeal because council approved it with blatant disregard to their own MBRC planning scheme 2016. I will be protesting strongly against this development

  2. Kerry Blackshaw commented

    What is Moreton Bay Council doing!
    In December last year they approved DA16705/2007 [on the old Palace Hotel site] for a high rise development of 47METRES contrary to their own planning height limitation of 21metres & contrary to the protests of over 140 local residents.We were informed that this development would have no detrimental impact on the 'village atmosphere' of Woody Point. The developer even incorporates a testimonial to the Gayundah as a sweetener to the local community.
    Across the road at No 1 Lilla Street, the developer holds a current approval for a 9-10 storey building. Within 1 month of the approval of DA 16705/2007 the 1 Lilla street developer submits an application to increase the unit number and height of the development above the 21metres limitation.
    The applicant advises that these increased height developments are as a result of "community expectations"
    I know of at least 140 members of the community AND local residents who are not of that belief.
    I also wonder if the lifestyle of the family who live on the small adjoining battle-axe block about to be surrounded by high rise will be affected and will anyone care?
    In support of the application for an increase in the building height the applicant points out that the building skyscape of Woody Point, as observed from the Houghton Bridge, will not be detrimental as there will be a declining height in the building line from the Palace Hotel " lighthouse " to the Woody Point jetty. All very asthetic until the developer of 28 Woodcliffe Crescent {located half way between the subject DA and the jetty]
    who has an application in for an 8 storey follows up with a Material Use Change to a 15 storey proposal.
    The Council has gone against its own planning criteria and against the wishes of many residents who will be living in the village a long time after the developers recede.
    If the Council had the courage to disapprove this current application one could see the developer taking the Council to the Land and Environment Court on the grounds that 47metre height approval exists.
    I guess then ratepayers will bear the costs but hey who cares.
    I strongly object to this current proposal
    Kerry Blackshaw

  3. Ray Gaffney commented

    As a new resident to the area the question I raise is the traffic for the "village".

    With the construction of these buildings, parking is never adequate as generally 1 park per unit and hence overflows into the street and creates further safety risks for the residents in the area. Take a good look at Redcliffe for ideas.

    It would destroy the local area for the ability to have people visit us as well as to tourists would just keep driving to Margate and impact local business.

    I have no issue with progress, however the people that have visited myself both from within Australia as well as overseas comment on how they have limited the height of buildings in the area and how the area can still maintain its charm.

    The sign will need to be changed from Woody point village to Woody Point High Rise.

    Agree with above concerns.

  4. Rita Cavanagh commented

    Approval for a 15 story building in Woody Point village is a terrible decision. What a monstrosity! I don't object to progress and I live in a unit however councils own rules should be abided by. 15 stories will be grossly out of place and ruin the charm of our area. This is a coastal village not a CBD! Building designs and development applications should be considerate of the local area, existing developments and the community. There are already so many unsold units in Woody Point and on the Peninsula in general so this development change isn't to assist with a housing shortage. The building height increase suggests more levels, more profit for the developer at the expense of existing residents. Please reverse this decision.

  5. Elizabeth Goodchild commented

    I greatly approve of utilising this site for development however 15 storeys is too large when you consider the area it’s proposed for . You don’t ruin a small seaside village with a high rise of this scale , it’s simply not in keeping with the charm and quaintness of the Woody Point area. As a Redcliffe local of over 40 years I have a special bond with this area and this particular site and I feel like anything higher than a mid rise would be disastrous. I strongly support the proposal of housing and shopping facilities however Moreton council must consider all factors and keep a realistic approach to the development of our beautiful city .

  6. VW commented

    It is so disappointing that the Council has blatant disregard for their own planning scheme & height limitations on development & the voice of their local community! It no doubt boils down to greed & succumbing to the bribes & $$$ from developers as is often the case in these situations. All faith lost in the Council & so very sad to lose this community feel. Once that is destroyed with these (too) high rises you can’t get it back. Very much oppose any development that is grossly disproportionate to the area they are being built in - we’ve seen how oversized development has destroyed the lovely Scarborough village. :(

  7. Louise Redmond commented

    I am new to the area and also disappointed at the prospect of a higher than the regulated development in the neighbourhood. Given a relaxation in this instant will allow for future developments to match or push for greater expansion, each another notch in changing the atmosphere, appeal and uniqueness of this area. Please councillors, remember you are in service to the current constituents, not developers or potential rate payers. I appreciate that multi-dwelling developments will always be a factor in the future of our coastal environs, but surely a greater sensitivity to those who will be negatively impacted by increasing the height of these structures is the first priority.

  8. Verena Knopp commented

    Dear members of the council, the approval for this development needs to be withdrawn.
    Australia has the Fair Work Act and what is here with the Fair Development Act ?

    a.) When you buy a property in Woody Point, units or houses can be build in front of you not following the council’s plan ?

    b.) When you decide to invest in the suburb Woody Point, the council can change their plans for this suburb from low to high density area whenever they like ?

    c.) Developers can ask the council for increased buildings heights but residents can not ask the council for lower building heights ?

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