14 Cosgrove Avenue, Keiraville NSW 2500

Residential - multi dwelling housing development comprising the construction of five (5) buildings with a total of 47 dwellings, 109 car parking spaces, associated earthworks, tree removal, internal accessway, landscaping, APZs, stormwater drainage, substation and Subdivision - Strata title

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 24 days ago. It was received by them 19 days earlier.

(Source: Wollongong City Council, reference DA-2020/4)


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  1. Karen Wyatt commented

    I strongly oppose this development!
    It is out of character, utterly barbaric and lacks complete common sense.
    The front of the properties access is a single driveway and is on an extremely narrow road that already has parking congestion from the University. Building 47 units will undeniably cause major traffic problems.
    Surrounding properties are low density residential homes, with narrow roads. This development is oversized for the location and is not in keeping with the surrounding infrastructure.
    The size of this proposed development will not only negatively impact the area regarding traffic flow and aesthetic appeal but also could potentially become a tinder box for fires from the escarpment.
    I am also extremely concerned about the natural environmental impact the building works will have on the flora and fauna. I believe that as a society we are obligated to preserving as many trees and wildlife as possible, particularly as we have lost so much during this seasons catastrophic fires.
    The council has the power to do the right thing for the community of Keiraville by opposing this monstrosity. We need to know that council is listening to our pleas and shows insight into how this will impact the environment and the residents that currently reside in the area.
    Thank you for your time and hopefully we can gain the support from the council by unanimously rejecting this development and inevitably retaining the unique beauty of Keiraville.

  2. Kristy Robaard commented

    I strongly oppose this development!
    1. It's going to change the natural habitat of our environment. Mount Keira is a site of significant cultural heritage for the Wodi Wodi people and is well known for our natural escarpment all of which is sacred land to the Wodi Wodi people of the wider Dharawal language group. Mount Keira is known for its distinctive shape and proximity and is a major local landmark. Please don't destroy this and allow this oversized development. Lots of trees will need to be pulled down and everyone is worried about climate change. Doing this overscale development is not keeping with the small community feel that Keiraville is known for and something we as residents, want to keep.
    2. With so many bushfires happening at the moment, we need to stop building further up the mountain as it makes it even harder for the fire brigades to protect us. At the moment they have that access. In the 1990's there were fires that burned through where Cato Place in Keiraville now exists. Our city is not invincible to fires. Please don't make it harder for our fireman to protect us.
    3. The gradient of the driveway is very steep and cars would really have to accelerate to get up the driveway which would add extra noise pollution to that area that doesn't currently exist and would be terrible for the neighbours either side. At night, cars would be accessing the driveway and their headlights would be blinding for houses all around that driveway.
    4. Where are all the bins going to be left. Cosgrove Avenue and the streets surrounding aren't very wide and 94 bins will need to be collected every week.
    5. Lots of houses are already having trouble with their drainage. Where is all the water going to go without causing further problems to what is already a huge existing issue?
    6. The streets are all narrow surrounding Cosgrove Avenue and is always busy with cars parked from the university. This area was not built for this kind of development joined with existing traffic which all leads out to Robsons Road causing extra congestion including traffic from the university. Where will the 47 units visitors park? Why not add extra cars to the non existent parking already?
    7. I'm worried about the flora, fauna and wildlife. So many animals have been killed in the bushfires already. We don't need to add to this.
    8. I live near Cato Place. Since it has been built, there has been so much extra traffic flying up and down our street that didn't happen till that was built. There has been cars that have been booked but nothing has changed. If this oversized development goes ahead I believe that the surrounding will undoubtedly have the same problem that we have.

  3. Andrew Reveley commented

    I am writing to object to the proposed development at 14 Cosgrove Avenue, Keiraville NSW 2500.
    I am surprised the planning officers would even allow someone to spend their money in applying for such a ridiculous development.
    This is a bush block with one building area approved many years ago for a single large residence.
    Nothing has changed. The same issues apply now as they did when Cleary Brothers owned it.
    In fact building approval should be even more stringent.
    This is a bush fire prone area and as such this application should be rejected.
    Any development needs to manage storm water runoff as previously identified. This involves significant work installing sumps etc. under the road in Cosgrove Avenue, Andrews Avenue and Georgina Avenue.
    How on earth can the small suburban roads handle another 109 cars? I am amazed that Council Officers even allowed the developer to submit such a ridiculous proposal.
    Are we sliding back into the old dodgy planning decision days of the past that Wollongong is infamous for?
    My property adjoins this block and my family moved into it because of the quiet location and proximity to the natural bush. The development would greatly impact our lifestyle and our property value.
    Please do not allow this development to proceed in any way. Assuming this is an ambit proposal I expect the developer will try to submit a smaller revised plan.
    Please remind the developers this is only approved for one large residential dwelling.

  4. Paul Roe commented

    I agree with all the previous comments. Since when did the zoning change for this property? How does a zoning for low density single dwelling transform into 47 units with 109 car parks? This is outrageous, the traffic management or lack of should be enough alone for this to be denied. This is just completely out of character for an area of single family homes. As a child I spent a lot of time up that hill, so emotionally I don’t want to see such a development that will destroy the natural surrounds, destroy the outer escarpment and destroy the neighborhood that I grew up in and my elderly parents still live. A Chinese consortium has no right to buy the council and have whatever they want approved. I hope common sense prevails but I won’t hold my breath as we are dealing with Wollongong City Council. Just look at what they have done to Flinders st and all over the city with excessive high rise and all the problems that go with them. Disgusting.

  5. Stephanie Roe commented

    It absolutely beggars belief that WCC is even contemplating this shocking development. Everything about this is wrong: bushfire risk, traffic increase and loss of amenity for the residents in the surrounding streets.
    I thought the recent clean-out of the WCC was supposed to have fixed the corruption evident. Clearly I was wrong. At what point can any reasonable, rational person think that allowing 109 additional cars and 47 units onto a steep block of bushland in an area of high bushfire risk to be a good idea?
    You do not need to have a degree in town planning to see the lack of sensibility on display here.
    If WCC allows this development to go ahead, then be warned - you obviously have completely underestimated the tsunami of anger from the locals who will be significantly, negatively affected by this dreadful proposal.

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