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Other applications in the last 2 months within 2 km of 1457-1459 High Street, Glen Iris VIC 3146

  1. 2 Ranfurlie Crescent, Glen Iris VIC 3146
    2 days ago, 250 m away

    S72 Amendment to approved Planning Permit and/or Plans A planning permit no 0566/9 was issued for this property, application is seeking to: • To shift the east external wall of the family and alfresco rooms, now located 200mm from the title boundary, by a further 800mm to have a 1.0m side setback. • To shift the rear part of the east external basement wall of the garage, now located 2.0m from the boundary, by 1.0m so the wall is directly below the family and alfresco wall above. This means both upper and lower walls at the rear will be aligned and offset at 1.0m from the side boundary.

  2. 48 Parslow Street, Malvern VIC 3144
    12 days ago, 1.4 km away

    Secondary Consent Amendment to approved plans - Modifications to FFLs on both Ground Floor & First Floor ;Vertical Garden Wall reduced in length; Electrical Meter box moved; Minor modifications to Upper Level Floor Plan Ensuite 1/Ensuite 2/Study Nook and Bedroom 2; Change to windows of Upper Level North-West Elevation; Increase height of existing NW boundary wall; Adjustments to Ceiling heights - LL now 2700mm - UL now 2440mm; Additional internal windows to light court

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