149 Esplanade, Redland Bay QLD 4165

Combined Civil and Landscaping Works - Apartment Building x 30

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them about 12 hours earlier.

(Source: Redland City Council, reference OPW002294)


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  1. Lucy Atkins commented

    The apartment buildings are ruining the low key feel of Redland bay. Very disappointing that it has become developed in this way.

  2. Troy commented


    Majority of these applications will go in the developers favour.

    The problem is if residents vote the development down developers go to court and 99% of the time a Judge (that doesn't live in the area) will give it a thumbs up. Zero consequence to the Judge.

    The RATE PAYING residents can do nothing to stop these buildings going up.

    Certainly the system is broken.

    Imo, Dyor

  3. Robert Miller commented

    Due to the large number of residences and new people moving to Redland Bay, the roads in around this area are already heavily congested in the mornings and afternoons. The Victoria Point shops and carparks are overflowing on weekends. Low density housing is fine for slow increase in numbers that gives commercial developers and TMR time to upgrade infrastructure. Medium density housing like these units is allowing for population increases that outpace development of infrastructure.

    RCC is approving developments such as these that do not fit with the infrastructure and character of Redland Bay, I wish they would stop and consider retaining the feel of Redland Bay. Higher densities should be reserved for Cleveland to provide more people to frequent the restaurants and businesses of that area and not continue to add to the overcrowding issues of Redland Bay.

  4. Dan Eather commented

    My family moved from Redland Bay for exactly this reason. We figured if the council had no intentions of protecting these areas we may as well move somewhere that had better infrastructure and more jobs. I'd urge anyone who takes issue with the council's obvious development agenda, to vote with their feet and leave the city. There are plenty of beautiful pockets around brisbane which have far better public transport and many more job schools/unis and job opportunities for children.

  5. Judy and Neville Anderson commented

    Have they considered the problems with traffic for these units having to go down a narrow one way lane which often has people and children walking on it as there is no footpath and no lighting at night. To jump out of the way of a car coming round the bend someone may well go over the edge down a big drop through trees to a solid path.
    This development is ill considered and will destroy the natural beauty of the area.
    Please limit any high rise near our beautiful unspoilt waterfront.

  6. Jarrod commented

    Another ugly development that will add more people and cars with no improved infrastructure to support it. As soon as they approved the first one it was only a matter of time until more followed 👎🏻 Council Voting this year will be interesting

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