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Remove significant tree - Schinus Areira (Peppercorn Tree)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Unley, reference 12/2020/NEW)


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  1. Emma Mller commented

    Why must this tree be removed? If it is merely for the convenience of the owners or the developers then I absolutely reject this application. Why even have ‘Significant’ tree status if all it takes to overcome this designation is a make believe ‘consultation’ process in which the the unsupported request is made public and comments from the public are completely ignored. I am aware that trees don’t live forever, and sometimes it is necessary to remove them for safety reasons. This rationale should be published (with reference to an authorised arborist report) along with a plan to replace the tree with a younger sapling as part of the consultation process. I am also aware that trees are slaughtered merely for the convenience of developers and/or renovators, even sometimes to prevent shading on solar panels. These rationales should also be published including the absence of any plan to replace the tree.

    There should also be some feedback loop that advises people what the outcome of the consultation process was and what was the basis of the final decision. What we actually have here, is a sham consultation process, where no rationale is provided and all objections are ignored.

  2. Isabel Fforde commented

    I wish to add my voice to Emma’s very well said comments. I totally endorse everything she has said - these consultations do not feel particularly genuine and I have never heard back re an outcome. The whole process needs improvement. Please reject this application or explain why it is necessary to remove the tree.

  3. Anne Wharton commented

    I wish to add my great concern about the application to remove this magnificent tree. To add insult to injury, the tree is on the Unley Council's Significant Tree List. The tree is close to the front fence and not in a position which would hinder building if the owners are wanting to do renovations. I sincerely hope that Council staff refuse this application.

  4. Julienne Lenain commented

    I agree with the above comments.
    Unless the tree is unhealthy or dangerous in some way, it should NOT be removed!
    There needs be clear statements as to why trees are to be removed, together with certified aborist reports.

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