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Other applications in the last 2 months within 2 km of 96 - 104 Carlingford Road Epping NSW 2121

  1. 204 Ray Road Epping NSW 2121
    about 1 hour ago, 730 m away

    Development Application - Alterations and additions to the existing dwelling. Ground floor changes include a minor front extension to convert the single garage to a double garage, changes to storage area and associated external window and new associated driveway. First floor changes include relocation of existing front entry and stair, new balcony balustrade, external window and door changes and minor internal reconfiguration to room layouts. A new path is also proposed within the rear garden area.

  2. 66 Dandarbong Avenue Carlingford NSW 2118
    11 days ago, 1.8 km away

    Development Application - Section 4.55(2) modification of DA/715/2016 for the proposed staged development. Stage 1: Demolition, tree removal and Torrens title subdivision of the subject site into two (2) lots, including a battle-axe allotment at the rear with associated access handle. Stage 2: Construction of attached dual occupancies on each lot with Torrens title subdivision of each dual-occupancy. The proposed modifications mainly relates to the design changes to Unit 3 and 4 within the battle-axe lot including: - New lower ground level to incorporate double carport and rumpus room each - An additional bedroom and bathroom each on the upper ground level - Provision of splay corner between the front lot and battle-axe lot to facilitate safe vehicle access

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