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22 Highfield Drive Tea Tree Gully SA 5091

Row Dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 10 days earlier.

(Source: City of Tea Tree Gully, reference 118266/2019)


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  1. Shauna mitchell commented

    Hello I am not agaimst sub division but this one is quite ridiculous...... there have been subdivisions in the street but by 2
    Not 3 ..... 689 sq mtr divided by 3 does not leave enough room for a single story house, on septic mind you in this area, need space for that and also would not fit in the character of the street as houses are set back from.the borders... this sub division of 3 is not in the character.of the street .maybe 2 but not 3. Where would people park... it's a corner block make difficult to turn . The council require a 5.5m 'visitors park' on each property to be kept free for visitors (not for tenents/owners) This area must be uncovered. If building occurs needs to be set back from the property border, this needs to be in line with other properties. I feel the sundivision of 3 and future building of 2 stories, as there are no other 2 stories in the street doesn't fit with the area.

    Received notice today 2nd January

  2. Andrew Foord commented

    I object to the divison into 3 properties. There should be a minimum of 300m2 per allotment. Also consider the additional strain on CWMS system in TTG.

  3. Louise Di Virgilio commented

    I object to the sub division of the one block into three on such a small block of land. There will be more noise complaints, street congested with cars and unsightly boxed in ghetto housing. There should be a rule to have one car park space on the road directly in front of the premises in addition to the visitor park on the property.

  4. Ben Woods commented

    The proposed 3 into 1 development for this site is not in keeping with the area at all and should be declined. The proposed sub-division will impact directly on the surrounding residents not only aesthetically, but also functionally. Being a corner block, street parking is not an option at all. Vehicles will be parked on the street and impacting directly the residents creating hazards accessing their own properties. Street parking is not an option for this development and off street parking for all residents should be a consideration even at sub-division stage. I object to this sub-division.

  5. Hannah commented

    Three houses on less than 700 square metres is ridiculous. We moved to this area for the beautiful leafy green spacious feeling.

  6. Laura commented

    I object to this planning application. Three houses on a 689sq metre is far too many. Please do not allow this to proceed and set a precedent for future developers to turn the lovely spacious blocks we have here in the City of Tea Tree Gully into a congested, densely populated hive of constant parking issues and construction noise for the sake of ‘progress’.

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