287 Brays Road, Griffin QLD 4503

Material Change of Use - Development Permit for Multiple Dwelling (11 dwellings) and Reconfiguring a Lot - Development Permit Subdivision (1 into 2 lots)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 2 months ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Moreton Bay Regional Council, reference 2019/40094/V23R)


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  1. Ian Edwards commented

    Brays Road/Henry Rd is already becoming a choke point and dangerous intersection and adding a further 11 dwellings nearby will only make it worse

  2. Elizabeth commented

    I think there will be traffic issues on entering and exiting this property. It is so close to the corner.

  3. Tamsyn Stephens commented

    This section of Brays Road already has heavy traffic and congestion at the Henry Road intersection. Multiple dwellings in this area have insufficient on-site parking, therefore it will increase the number of vehicles parked on Brays Road. Being the main road for a large part of Griffin, it is not a safe road to cross or for driveways, with many vehicles exceeding the 50km/h speed limit. These issues should be addressed first before making the problems worse.

  4. John Rice commented

    No more units! there are already too many high density, crammed in dwellings around, people packed in like sardines and nowhere near enough space for parking. Streets are too narrow and only 1 on/off ramp down dohles rocks rd which is already gridlocked every morning.

  5. Cassandra Large commented

    There is already so many townhouses in Griffin. The roads are already blocked enough with the current traffic especially at that area. Please don't approve any more townhouses in the area we are already bursting with the current number of homes. We need new roads not more townhouses.

  6. Michael G commented

    Definitely a no go. Already too much traffic on this road amd considering they're still developing along up the back of this road, will further strain this road.

    There would also be insufficient space on this property to build 11 townhouses without demolishing the house already situated on property mentioned

  7. Amrinder singh commented

    Pls no more townhouse or unit. There r already so many townhouses in griffin. Pls keet it liveable suburb.

  8. Carol Damen commented

    Oh for goodness sake, enough with townhouses. Griffin is already flooded with them, traffic issues will be prominent if they continue, in fact there are already traffic issues. Griffin is a or was a nice place to live, but these townhouses are choking the suburb. Please no more!! Living where I do the streets are narrow and THEY do not provide enough parking therefore making it impossible to be safe entering or exiting a street. STOP 🛑. No more!

  9. T. Williams commented

    No more townhouses. Especially not there. There are more than enough already. I am sure the residents along that stretch of road would be less than impressed with having an eyesore built right alongside one of the only spots in the suburb with space and privacy.
    Sounds like just a money hungry owner/developer to me.

  10. Vanessa Cook commented

    Absolutely NO MORE Townhouses in Griffin. They are such an eyesore and often don’t attract the best tenants. Griffin already has a problem with wayward kids roaming the streets at night.
    We have too many townhouses already - enough is enough!!

  11. Jodi oosthuizen commented

    Brays road is already dangerous as it is. There definitely doesn’t need any more complex units built.

  12. Steven Hubbard commented

    We are all tired of these townhouse developments in GRIFFIN! Vanessa Cook said it best they are an eyesore and don't attract welcome tenants. NO MORE TOWNHOUSES IN GRIFFIN!! This is becoming a joke!

  13. H Mattison commented

    This section of road is a main thoroughfare for many Griffin residents. This will become dangerous with not enough parking for residents of the townhouses (most will have 2 cars- with only one garage) and safety issues entering and exciting the dwellings for all residents. We purchased in the suburb in good faith with a promise of a safe, family friendly area. Townhouses and multiple dwellings are popping up throughout the suburb, with many in narrow streets where single dwellings were previously marked to be built. This is creating traffic nightmares, which is not safe for children, on narrow streets and many empty units (attractive for juvenile crime). Please stop.

  14. Dr Bob Donnelly Postie/Psychologist commented

    It's absolutely nothing to do with me but that's never stopped me from forcing my opinion

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