35-37 Warren Road Marrickville NSW 2204

To demolish existing structures and construct a new 2 part 3 storey boarding house containing 23 boarding rooms

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Inner West Council (Marrickville), reference DA201700585.01)


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  1. Sadie Daly commented

    As usual, click on the link here (& via the Inner West Council website) only to be told that there are “No records to display”

    Will Council extend the time for community feedback? This lack of reporting is very common on these D.As and has been for some time (I’ve advised council several times about this now, still, no fix)

    As for the proposal...

    Yet another Boarding House on Warren Road (in addition to the *approved* 5 storey one at 59 Warren Road) is absolutely ridiculous. Boarding house or gold plated apartment block, I don’t care. This is clearly a joke, right?

    When is the last time council staff drove up and down Warren Road? It’s half the width of Renwick Street, of Harnett, Street, of Cary St etc etc

    These “Boarding house” developments get away with something like 4 car spots for 20 rooms. Add to this fact, the ridiculous (& wrong) presumption that PEOPLE DON’T OWN VEHICLES simply because they’re considered “low income” and live near public transport. It’s nuts. Unbelievable.

    Please, council staff, take a drive up and down Warren, remembering the 5 storey at #59 is yet to be built, the pickleryshop on Cnr of Warren & Illawarra has a D.A on it... please drive up and down, keep these “yet-to-be-built” blocks in mind and tell me that ANOTHER residential block (*with limited parking*) will be a good idea.

    This D.A will pass. They often do. Too hard basket to say no. Just let’s get ready to enjoy the traffic during construction and afterwards. What a joke.

    (Please upload the documents relating to this D.A. I’d like to have a laugh at the “Traffic Management” section that will tell us about the “limited” impact this development (& all the others) will have on narrow Warren Road. Such a hoot).

  2. Rena S commented

    Hey Sadie,

    We are having the same problems at Pomroy Ave, (small cul-de-sac) with one lane traffic, the street is so small that the garbage trucks have to reverse in because they can’t make U-turn, on garbage day we have to get all the cars out of the street for collection to happen. We have parking problems already from the townhouse visitors next door, in addition they park so bad sometimes we can’t enter our street.
    Council approved a DA for two three bedroom duplexes with one car garages.

    Also because Earlwood is built on a cliff any drilling below ground causes our houses to crack with my garage floor collapsing from the approved construction of units behind us.

    The only way we can stop construction is by going to court, which is a financial burden for residents on the street. So basically there is no accountability.

  3. Suzanna Szabo commented

    This was supposed to be an extension, not a demolition. It I should incumbent on council and the state government to plan appropriately. This end of Warren Road is largely made up of family homes in single storey, single dwellings. As with the demolition of number 27, it is obvious that a way has been paved for further inappropriate development. This part of Warren Road is a rat run through to Marrickville station for Sydney buses. There is already enormous congestion. Properties nearby that have been extended now overlook multiple houses in many directions, contrary to developers assurances that this would not happen.
    This part of the street is congested, has dumped cars, pavements destroyed, trees removed and an ever growing mishmash of development that most definitely does not fit into either the R2 zoning or in keeping with the 19th and early 20th century architecture.
    We already have 4 boarding houses in an area of less than 100 metres.
    We have a slew of public housing in surrounding streets that need updating, repair and maintenance.
    How about a bit of sensible planning and regulations that can be monitored and implemented without favouring greedy developers and lax local and state regulators.

  4. Kitty commented

    I look forward to their being more medium density, lower cost housing in the Inner West. Not only will it provide housing for singles who can’t afford single dwellings in their own, it will prevent the spread of urban sprawl, which is a major factor in the destruction of green space. We should be making housing for the many who need it, not keeping housing only for the few who can afford it.

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