56 Prescott Parade, Milperra NSW 2214

Procedural paper re-subdivision of lots (no works)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 10 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Canterbury-Bankstown Council, reference DA-1107/2019)


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  1. Rowena Moss commented

    I am totally against this development.

    With an estimated some 450 million Australian native animals effected by the worst bushfires Australia has ever seen, I gotta say I’m horrified that you would even consider an application to develop the home of what could be some of the last remaining populations of some species.
    With all the devastation to their natural habitat it just seems incomprehensible that you would approve any development that would put them further at risk.
    Sadly many of these native birds, wildlife and plants species will be endangered or extinct after these devastating bushfires and its up to us to do everything we can to save them from this fate.
    Not to mention the major impact this will have on all residents within the district. There is simply not enough infrastructure for this development. We already have traffic problems on Henry Lawson Drive from Milperra Road to the M5.
    What about the extra traffic in the local streets, including past the primary school? What impact will this have on our already slow water pressure and congested telephone/broadband connections? There are also flood issues around the Riverlands Golf Course.
    This development would add at least two more cars per dwelling and we are talking around 241 dwellings. This would be an absolute gridlock and an environmental disaster. The community of Milperra is horrified as to what could happen to our safe and quiet suburb! We are totally against this development!
    The community of Milperra is horrified as to what could happen to our safe and quiet suburb! We are totally against the development of Riverlands Golf Course.

  2. Tauhid commented

    This development will have no positive affect to the community what so ever. The suburb itself will be over crowded as the infrastructure are not adequate enough to carter this development. Furthermore given the current circumstances and millions of animals lost their lives, we should be preserving this area for flora and fauna.

  3. Jenny Henville commented

    There are already far too many “planned” developments for Milperra it’s madness - all up we are talking up 1,000 homes / 2,000 cars - that is crazy. Milperra does not have the infrastructure to cope with this influx of homes and people and we already have crowded roads / limited bus services / no trains / no co-Ed schools it is just not feasible or justified.
    Please save our environment and wildlife from these crazy developments for the safety and sake of our younger generation

  4. Michelle Hutchinson commented

    I am against this development taking place. Milperra does not currently have the infrastructure to cope with not only this new development but also the other one that Mirvac has planned at the University. Our roads, internet, power are not coping as it is. Traffic is a nightmare at the best of times on Henry Lawson Drive and Bullecourt Ave. It is at a standstill and it gets gridlocked if there has been a breakdown or an accident on any of the surrounding roads.
    Internet services will be under more stress and residents are always complaining about inadequate internet services that we have already.
    The loss of parkland and the effect that this will have on our native animals will be devastating. We do not have a coed public school in area which leaves parents to apply for schools out of area.
    Our public transport system in Milperra is ridiculous. Buses are limited and it is our only option. Car parking at East Hills station is very limited, and trains often bypass as Revesby is the main station in the area. Catching a train during peak time is extremely crowded and I do not know how we are going to keep fitting more and more people on an already busting at the seams public transports system. This means that most people opt to drive and as already stated our roads are just not coping.
    Milperra is a small, quiet community which will change greatly if this development and the uni development are built. Our little suburb will nearly double in size and double in car capacity.
    This land would be better utilized as open parkland as once we lose our green parklands we will never get them back again. After the loss of so much bushland over the last few months, isnt it best to keep what bushland we have and plant more trees.

  5. Julia commented

    This development will have such a negative impact on our great suburb. The environmental impact will be be devastating., not only to the fauna and flora but the surrounding streets, which do not cope at the best of times. Please consider the great green belt that has been a haven.

  6. Jodie Lavin commented

    We are totally against this development. The area will not cope with the additional traffic created by the extra cars, the additional schooling requirements, and additional parking needed. I have seen traffic monitoring wires across surrounding roads, these were put down at very quiet times of the year (no schools, no uni) so unrealistic studies have been done that do not reflect the amount of traffic that we currently have in the area. The development does not reflect current housing that exists in the area. The land sizes are extremely small with no allowances for additional vehicles, caravans, trailers or boats. These will be stored in existing streets creating greater traffic hazards. If the development is passed the amount of houses needs to be greatly reduced, land size increased per house, roads widened, visitor parking increased, access to the M5 greatly improved. The lights at Poziers WILL NOT cope with any traffic increases, they cannot cope now. So much more needs to be done with infrastructure before any of these developments are even looked at. We totally oppose the Riverlands development.

  7. Mark C commented

    Surely any future development of this area would be in a flood plain.

  8. Kris commented

    There is absolutely no benefit for the area regarding this development or any planned development surrounding the university. To repeat what some of the other commentators have said, we do not have the infrastructure to accomodate thousands of new residence and cars on the lot. We do not have adequate transport or car spaces at our local railway stations for new residences, our local schools and child care centres are crowded enough, extending HLD will barely assist in alleviating the current traffic issues let alone thousands of more cars with Riverlands and the University being developed, and the lights at Pozieres are a nightmare already. Our animal populations have been devastated with the fires, the Riverlands is a flood zone. Mirvac already has plans to turn Milperra into a slum with its grotesque designs as it has in the North West; with any amenities only being available to those within the new area. How, how is this good for the area??? This has been vehemently been battled for years, for it to have reached this point shows a lack of regard for the communities thoughts and feelings on the matter. I have little faith in our councils and government- they do not care about the feelings of the public not of the environment. Milperra does not have amenities or infrastructure of Revesby, Padstow or Panania, which have already been negative affected by over population and poor planning. Please do not ruin our small community. This benefits no one but the back pockets of the greedy. The five in my family are heavily opposed to this farce.

  9. Kathryn commented

    Milperra does not have the infrastructure to support huge developments, this one and the proposal for the Uni. The area in question is also in the flood zone so I'm confused as to how this is even being considered. The facilities this proposal will demolish would be a terrible and big loss to the area. The area also caters for the beautiful wildlife. The public transport in the area is already extremely limited and insufficient. The traffic between Milperra Road and the M5 is already horrendous during peak hours, this will only impact the problem further.

    I am 100% against this development going ahead, please listen to your residents.

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