12 Beauford Avenue Caringbah South NSW 2229

Our neighbours are building anew house and there is a tree within 3 meters from the proposed house. Council has ask that we apply to remove the tree on the boundary.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Sutherland Shire Council, reference eTP19/0832)


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  1. John Woods commented

    I cannot believe that the council has requested that you remove a tree! Normally they prefer to manage plans so that we maintain the trees.

  2. R. Greenrod commented

    The application is for removal of a gum tree (and palm tree.)
    If the tree is an issue for your neighbour's new build they should reconfigure their design in order to not damage your tree.
    I urge council to start protecting more trees. Development needs to become more tree sensitive in design.
    The Shire is starting to look very bare and the wildlife is losing it's habitat. Too many established and often healthy trees are being removed daily with council's permission, especially in Caringbah South with very few trees being properly replaced with new native trees.

  3. Peter Jones commented

    This is an absolutely ludicrous proposal to design a house on a 1740 sq. Metre property that requires a neighbour’s tree to be removed.
    Surely the council’s response should have been to say go back to the drawing board and design the house around existing trees ect.
    I live opposite a development on a 2700sq. M
    Block and only 1 significant tree has been retained, the council even let them chop down a huge gum that was almost on the back boundary (app. 1 metre girth and 35-30 metres high). Last time I will vote liberal in Sutherland Council.

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