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407 Henley Beach Road, Brooklyn Park SA 5032

Demolition of existing dwelling and all other structures

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of West Torrens, reference 211/1268/2019)


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  1. Laura commented

    We cannot allow demolition of such a well looked after, historic property. It has such immense beauty.

  2. Julie Ince commented

    This is surely a significant building that should be preserved for future generations to enjoy. This being over 100 years old and it still looks wonderful, please don’t demolish it to put some ordinary buildings in its place. That would be a shame. This building at 407 Henley Beach Road Brooklyn Park should be preserved.

  3. Debbie Williams commented

    It is staggering to think that such a significant home could be lost !! It has been cared for since 1901, and kept in immaculate condition ! It is sad to think that developers are deciding how people should garden space, a;; the after concrete box around our subs and city. it will have a negative effect on how a community live among each other. No more back fence outdoor space..and garden space.
    I would like to see a Town Planning Survey actually asking people 'HOW' they would like to live. Every one needs the opportunity to buy a home, but the choices are not only very often out of reach for the 'average' person...they are changing the lifestyle choices available ! A 'Cramming' of concrete....not acceptable !

  4. Lauren Buchanan commented

    The City of West Torrens did not save Moorfield House, a manor which still contained stables and an orchard in a fairly ordinary low-to-middle class neighbourhood. The outrage was registered too late. Henley Beach however is now an affluent suburb with gorgeous character buildings like this adding to the value of the area. You don’t move to Henley Beach to live in a squat box, you move there to be close to the beach and to enjoy the character of homes like this and marvel at the streets containing buildings of grandeur, history, character, and vision. To see this destroyed is to witness yet another piece of Adelaide’s history being destroyed. We’re losing the essential character of Adelaide and replacing it with cheap, nasty, energy inefficient and aesthetically displeasing housing that won’t stand the test of time, let alone climate change. Why would tourists come to our city when they can see the same urban sprawl crap in the outer suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney? Houses like this are as much a part of our cultural heritage as the Thebarton Theatre and the Queen of Angels Church, which the West Torrens Council has loudly proclaimed it will try to protect. Talk the talk, walk the walk. If preserving cultural heritage means anything to this council, this house should be afforded protection.

  5. Julie Olsen commented

    Please, Please don’t let this gorgeous old home be knocked down. I moved from characterless western Sydney back to Adelaide because of all the heritage properties we have here. I love living in one and so enjoy seeing them here all around me in SA. Repurpose, Reuse and give them new lives again. Dont send this beauty to landfill and put up more ugly boxes 🙏🏻

  6. Janelle Brown commented

    What is the exact reason for demolition of this beautiful heritage house which is a great example of architecture for Uni students, but also an example of our history and the craftmanship that went into a building. Apart from greed, what is the reason to knock this down and build two or more "dog boxes" termed as houses with one carspace and no backyard? What happened to the family home where you could have a bbq or get together? Please do not let us lose the family home.

  7. Lyndal Beer commented

    This home is a well maintained prime example of Adelaide heritage and should not be demolished to be replaced by a collection of medium density townhouses made from inferior materials and construction methods in order to make money.
    The many examples of the townhouses replacing such fine dwellings are already showing signs of requiring ongoing maintenance, that they do not receive, within 3 years of construction.
    By all means, construct single storey dwellings on the land at the front and rear of the property in a sympathetic style.
    I personally am very distressed by the rapid loss of Adelaide’s heritage that we are experiencing. The only people that want this are money hungry developers.

  8. Selena webster commented

    This property is beautiful and could have been sold to someone who would have retained it as is. It is disgraceful the amount of historic premises lost in South Australia. What history are we leaving for our children. I used to live in this suburb and it is rapidly losing its character.

  9. felicity downer commented

    People who wants to preserve this house should put money up to contribute to the up keeping of the house. It takes alot of money to keep it in good condition just like an old car. There is salt dam, re wiring, plumbing, roofing, flooring, painting, heating cooling, chimney safety upkeep.
    Council should buy the property if they want to preserve it otherwise let the owners decide what they want to do with it.
    Lots of complainers that voice their preservation speech but ask them to show the money ....crickets.

  10. Sarah C commented

    I object to the proposed demolition.

    This is a beautiful building which will not be replaced with anything even close to as good. What is the point of having planning and development restrictions if such a building can be demolished? I support development restrictions if they preserve good things built at a time of better taste from the merciless grips of profit hungry developers. If the planning rules can allow this to be demolished one wonders why ordinary people have to go through the rigmarole of getting their minor alterations approved.

  11. Andrea commented

    Visited my Mum today who lives across the road and found that all that is left of this property is dirt.

    It’s an absolute travesty that you allowed this to go ahead.

    The uglification of West Torrens council continues. You are allowing the creation of the slums of the future with all the concrete boxes you are approving. Disgusting.

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