102 Kissing Point Road Turramurra NSW 2074

Demolition of current structure and build a Child care centre.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Ku-ring-gai Council, reference DA0536/19)


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  1. Janette McLeod commented

    Why are there planning applications for two childcare centres practically on the same road (around the corner on Boronia)?
    There are new centres opened in south Turramurra and across the highway on Turramurra ave. Are these all full?
    This corner is very dangerous with limited visibility, a bus stop opposite and a cycle lane. Not ideal for dropping and picking up children.

  2. Louise commented

    This saga continues, this proposal plus another child care centre on the corner of Boronia and Yeramba. We have had many childcare centres being built on corner blocks within 2 km radius, Canoon and Kissing Point road, Turramurra public School, childcare centre next to Turramurra Public School, Saddington Street Preschool.
    Turramurra Avenue another large child care centre has been built and there is one on the corner of Eastern Road, this is a glut and it just adds to traffic congestion.

  3. KJ commented

    Childcare Centre's are a necessity and these days, the council ensures that the parking and access is beyond what is needed therefore minimizing disturbance to the local neighborhood, the Traffic and Acoustic reports make sure of this. children are not dropped off or picked up on the street and access to the centre's are always forward exit unlike most residential driveways. Most centre's are well presented architecturally and present a tidy well maintained asset to the locality. Childcare centre's are by far the best neighbors to have, they don't have loud parties on the weekend or at night generally most of the noises that come out of them during the day are happy noises.

  4. Michael commented

    I am strongly supportive of this development. This proposed development has detailed documents demonstrating the appropriateness of the proposal. I have reviewed these documents and along with a number of additional reasons outlined below, I am strongly supportive of the proposal. The development will add significant amenity to the community, have significant walkability and sustainability benefits and improve the streetscape of the area. There are a dearth of childcare places for very young children (in contrast the other childcare centres in the area). The location should have minimal impacts on neighbours (refer to the traffic report) especially given the road it is on (Kissing Point) is already a secondary main road with significant noise and traffic. The current property is a visual detriment to the area. In addition, the proposed development's location adjacent to a bus stop with easy connections to rail encourages use of public transport, whilst for myself myself and others I have spoken to the location is accessible by foot. Both this and the public transport will increase the walkability of the neighborhood with associated sustainability and social benefits.

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