80 Burtonia Street, Rokeby, TAS

48 Lot Subdivision

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Clarence City Council, reference PDPLANPMTD-2019 003802)


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  1. Barry Taylor commented

    The proposal of 48 lot subdivision by All Urban Planning Pty Ltd and Mission Australia for 80 Burtonia Street Rokeby, in not only offensive but also insulting the intelligence of long-standing residents of Rokeby. Along with the actual design, which looks like a prison complex, it states that 53 families or more will be placed into an area about the size of one and a half AFL ovals, with the construction of forty seven 2 bedroom units plus a building block of one bedroom places of unclear, to me, building type.

    Besides the drainage and traffic problems (for which a survey was conducted over 2 x 1-hour surveys in December 2017 and May 2019 covering Burtonia Street, Hart Place and Tollard Drive), which is ludicrous - pedestrian and vehicle traffic are a lot heavier than is indicated in this survey and there are many crashes along with continual hoon driving.

    With the building of this complex there is additional risk to the safety of children attending the adjacent Rokeby Infant and Primary School with added traffic and closure of the underground pedestrian tunnel.

    I understand the State Government is under enormous pressure to provide housing, as the homeless numbers climb, but this area is not the place, there are no medical facilities in the area - the Clarence Plains Community Health Centre (80 Burtonia Street) indicated on the plans, has not been open over twenty years, there is very limited employment opportunities in the area and public transport is a joke. Mission Housing have an unbelievably bad reputation in the area when housing people in the old area, renting out places to people with obvious problems such as addict, unsociable behaviours. Many places are left empty for long periods or unmaintained, which leads to vandalism and good people, which most Rokeby residents are, feeling downhearted with their surroundings. Why build another complex when the current area is neglected and underutilised?

    As a long-time private property owner and resident, I have had discussions with older and young residents in the area around the evasiveness of the Clarence City Council and the Hodgman Government to us ratepayers and voters.

    I ask the Aldermen who vote on the plans if you would have this subdivision in your back yard? I will be asking the Premier, Will Hodgman the same question as I believe the current government has reacted in a knee jerk manner to the housing problem.

  2. Dennis Matthews commented

    I urge the Clarence Councillors to seriously consider any negative ramifications of this project. If this project does not IMPROVE the lifestyle of existing residents, why would you approve it?
    As with any real estate project, the existing residents welfare and wellbeing must not be negatively impacted. Infrastructure, facilities, schools, medical and child care must not be put under strain with the additional residents.

    In making their decision on this project, Councillors should ensure that there is no pressure from State Government, nor a sense of obligation to approve a project that may ease accommodation issues in this city. Houses will be here for many decades, but accommodation issues may be solved in a couple of years with proper decision making.
    Rokeby ratepayers would be appalled if Councillors approved a project that would effectively "dump" new residents into the suburb whose services are already under strain.
    This may be a case of "Less is more"...

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