31 Beechworth Road Pymble NSW 2073

Demolition of existing structures and construction of a new dwelling, double garage and attached secondary dwelling

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Ku-ring-gai Council, reference DA0508/19)

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  1. A. MacDonald commented

    The DA application states that the property is not in an HCA.
    The property is in the middle of KMC's HCA for the local area. KMC stated publically that it is a formally adopted HCA, not a draft HCA, so the DA application should state that the property is within an HCA and that a heritge statement is required.

    Either way, even a draft HCA requires a heritage impact statement.
    None was submitted, according to the KMC website.

    KMC appears to have been inconsistent in its treatment of DA applications along Beechworth Road within the HCA for the locality. Sometimes it seems to require a heritage statement, sometimes not.
    KMC should be consistent and transparent in its HCA-affected requirements as actually enforced.

    There are some new dwellings along Beechworth Road and adjoining streets which are ghastly and have no heritage affinity for the locality, whether within the HCA or just outside of it.
    The heritage assessments and inventories for Beechworth Road and adjoining streets are poorly founded and have no rational coherence. There must be thirty or more "heritage styles" in the HCA, taking into account building design, the look, the layout, gardens and use of the land. Often there are more than a dozen styles within the same street.
    Whatever good is in the purported heritage themes for the HCA, they are traduced by KMC allowing Soviet embassy style architecture and boxy beachside architecture for new dwellings in the HCA.

    The proposed new dwellings in the DA application would be an improvement on the current daggy dwelling on site and would enhance the use of the site with its second dwelling.
    That general improvement is the best "heritiage" feature of the proposal in this DA application. New properties should be better, not uglier and should enhance the family and mulit-generational community (in contrast with KMC fast tracking very high density apartments in the locality).

    I have no connections with the proposal.

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