9 William Howe Pl, Narellan Vale 2567 NSW

Detached Single Storey Granny Flat & In-Ground Swimming Pool

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Camden Council, reference DA/2019/931/1)


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  1. Cheryl Minihan commented

    This house does not have enough area for people to move from front house to rear dwelling and pool. The side entrance is way too small!

  2. Alana Jeanes commented

    But I believe they have an 18 meter frontage!!

  3. Cheryl Minihan commented

    They may have an 18 metre frontage. However where is the room to independently move from one house to the other without going through the existing building?

  4. Alana Jeanes commented

    I was making a point that, thanks to Council's new regulations, it doesn't matter so long as the frontage is 18 meters or over, and lot size is over 600m2. I haven't seen any plans but assume this is for a family and the set out would not be an issue (to them).
    It warrants the question why when people have larger lot sizes they are not not allowed the same liberties. There is an agenda we are not privy to.

  5. Cheryl Minihan commented

    There seems to be an attitude of “us” and them” mentality! Council have DOUBLE STANDARDS!
    What is allowed to happen on one block should be able to be done on another block. There does need to be a standard size of a frontage allowing for room building/s. However there needs to be “exceptions” to this “policy” but Council are steadfast! If you have a lot of money to give to “council” for their “contribution fund” on top of the “normal payments”, then seems you can do as you like. As ratepayers there needs to be a “group of ratepayers” to protest outside council with “media attention@. I personally see that this is the only way that maybe able to change their “Double standards! What are your thoughts people?

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