Greenbank Military Camp 1028 Johnson Road Greenbank QLD 4124

Road Works, Stormwater, Drainage Works, Earthworks

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 7 years ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Logan City Council, reference OW-39/2012)


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  1. Jacob Arkadieff commented

    Be nice to know what the siren was on for last week at south end of Greenbank traing ground I thort we was getting invaded waiting for a bomb to go off or heep of troops to land then last night some helicopter flying around with no lights on for all I know it could b spy for other country's trying to get into the greenbank barracks not even casa could say who it was flying around army, police or unwanted visitors we just asum it is police one day some bad might fly right in under the radar and every on asums it police think you guys need to in force a serton sound when there flying at night with no lights some sort of Siron it's not like it will give there position away over the blads so we no it's not bad an not to worry or ring casa and waisting there time but what got me wondering of an invasion is that siron last week would like to know what it ment even if it was just traing it was a worry to here it at home that loud

  2. Jane Citizen commented

    The siren would be to indicate that firing was to begin (I've noticed gun fire mostly on Friday and Saturday nights) I believe the helicopter that flies with no lights is PolAir (Police helicopter) We have lots of hoons in the Carole Park industrial area & Ellen Grove residential area. I see/hear the helicopter often, particularly of a weekend. Or alternatively PolAir could be investigating reports of gun fire, which of course, would be the Barracks.

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