60 Kunyung Road Mount Eliza VIC 3930

Development of an aged care facility & retirement village

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 15 days earlier.

(Source: Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, reference P19/2453)


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  1. Nicola Angelico commented

    I would like to object to the building of the multi-storey retirement village.
    This development will be an insult to this beautiful area, and green wedge, and will encourage other green wedge areas to be allowed to be invaded and developed.
    The natural wildlife will be lost, and the damage will be irreversible.
    The Mornington Peninsula was once a place of so much green space, and now it is covered in roof tops. What green space is left, needs to be protected.

  2. Rene Riegal commented

    It violates the 'Special Use Zone' requirements including:
    ‘Amenity of the neighbourhood- A use must not detrimentally affect the amenity of the neighbourhood, including through the:
    - Transport of materials, goods or commodities to or from the land.
    - Appearance of any building, works or materials.
    - Emission of noise, artificial light, vibration, dust, waste water, or waste products’.
    • The scale and buildform of the proposed development would result in detrimental impacts to the natural and rural landscape values and rural character of the locality, affecting me and all residents.
    • Built on land that was always intended to be part of the Green Wedge zone and part of the Urban Green Break between Mornington and Mount Eliza, outside the Urban Growth Boundary.
    • A gross overdevelopment of the site with 9 new multi-storey buildings and 4 wings added to the heritage listed mansion
    • Grossly oversized with 3 and 4 storey buildings in a village streetscape and a rural setting

    It will cause major traffic obstructions for the life of construction and its entire existence:
    • Hundreds of vehicles crossing footpath just metres from where hundreds of families and children walk into school, endangering the lives of our children. Parents will not feel safe to let children independently use the ONE functioning footpath which will concentrate further congestion around the proposed entrance and surrounding streets which have no footpaths.
    • It will cause school drop off/pick up chaos as large construction vehicles crowd onto Kunyung Rd and surrounding roads that have no footpaths and safe delineation between trucks, cars and pedestrians, threatening the safety of children and families. It’s just a matter of time before a child is hit, injured or killed.
    • There is no safe or effective space in such a narrow street to manage a mass evacuation of development residents and primary school students in a designated Bushfire Hazard Zone
    • The fire risk assessment does not take into account the likely traffic jam of panicked parents trying to reach their children in the case of a fire in a declared fire risk area. Such a traffic jam would impede the CFAs access to the site and thus endanger lives and property
    • It will cause huge increases to traffic (minimum 700 extra car trips per day) and exacerbate already overcrowded parking conditions on busy Kunyung Road and surrounding streets, developer’s traffic engineering report is outdated and inaccurate, based on 50% of the current school population (report states 400 students, there are 800).
    • Inadequate parking during construction and life of development with no consideration of current overcrowding

    It will cause environmental damage and destruction
    • The removal of 270+ trees in known and confirmed Koala habitat will endanger the viability of our local Koala population
    • This will also be removing the shelter provided by the gardens for our local Wedge Tailed Eagle Family, Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos, and endangered White Bellied Sea Eagles that are confirmed visitors to the site
    • Millions of tons of soil disturbed and dangerous asbestos and concrete dust in the air threatening our health, and of children at the school classrooms and prep and junior playground just metres away
    • The developer has proposed NO ADDITIONAL SEWERAGE CAPACITY and will not retain stormwater, just let it keep flushing out onto Moondah Beach and into the bay - despite having to drain the huge amount of roof, road and pavement space this development would create.
    • No wetland or water remediation is proposed, only a gross pollutant trap. Vehicle and other pollutants including tyre micro-plastics, oil as well as pesticides and fertilizers will wash unimpeded into the bay. The developer proposes to use existing 450mm pipe, this threatens our beach with erosion and the declared Aboriginal Cultural Heritage zone on the beach
    • Unprecedented density that exists nowhere else on the Mornington Peninsula
    • Dangerous planning and development precedent for future high-density, high rise development all over the Peninsula


  3. Ron Tunks commented

    I think it is a great development, Mt Eliza needs a quality retirement village. The land might impinge on the green zone but it just links up other housing already on that side of Kunyung Rd. That land has been locked up and inaccessible for the 44 years I have lived in Mt Eliza. I hope council approve it.

  4. Adrian Paul commented

    This is a terrible development for so many reasons.
    This development will affect the lives of not only the wildlife, but the staff & students at Kunyung Primary.
    It is already a highly congested road and hour either side of school drop off and pick up due to the increasing roll at the school. Children have had so many close calls just walking on the path let alone crossing the road they have to cross 2x driveways on this site when walking to school or scootering - its bad enough now let alone with large trucks and increased volume of traffic during the development - and in the future when the site is operational.
    There have been no provisions for the increase in traffic on Kunyung Rd, its side roads which don't have footpaths and therefore students are sharing the road with cars with limited vision as they are small individuals.
    The constant speeding on this road and the side roads around this development due to stressed parents under the pump to get their children to and from school is bad enough now - imagine with a development clogging it up with large trucks increased traffic flow.
    No infrastructure in place for the road. Think about it. At least a business like Bunnings puts the roading infrastructure in before opening a site. Planning for it.
    There has been no proposed additional sewerage capacity listed and will not retain the stormwater which runs out on to Moondah Beach and into the bay.
    Futhermore, there is no wetland or water remediation is proposed, only a gross pollutant trap.
    Vehicle and other pollutants including tyre micro-plastics, oil as well as pesticides and fertilizers will wash unimpeded into the bay.
    The developer proposes to use existing 450mm pipe, this threatens our beach with erosion and the declared Aboriginal Cultural Heritage zone on the beach which is very sad and is unbelievable that it can even move forward.
    A lot of outdated information submitted by the developer to council - incorrect student numbers at the adjacent school for example to get the development over the line.
    In closing, this is about the lack of infrastructure for me and will affect my grandchildren walking to and from school and people I know that work in the school community.
    Hopeful that common sense prevails and this particular development does not proceed - based on the evidence I would be dumbfounded to see this go ahead.

  5. Louise Rawlings commented

    The water run-off will be terrible, and it will add pollution to the already changing beach. This goes against everything that Mt Eliza stands for, residents themselves cannot build 3 storys on their own properties so how can a million dollar company swing in and get these three story townhouses through? Just like that.
    Ryman sponsor the music event in mt eliza, probably a PR exercise.
    We are in a climate emergency and our koalas and other living creatures are in threat of extinction. This is not the appropriate place for this massive development. Losing hundreds of old trees is just one reason. People pay big money to live in Mt Eliza for it's bush setting.

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