161 Princes Highway St Peters NSW 2044

To carry out alterations and additions to existing Hotel, new signage and live music venue

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 13 days earlier.

(Source: Inner West Council (Marrickville), reference DA201900405)


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  1. Jen Barnett commented

    I support this application. This venue is on a highway, under a flight path, next to the Westconnex St Peters Junction. The possibility of noise is no excuse for complaint. No resident has lived here longer than this hotel (160 years approx). The IWC Good Neighbour Policy should ensure that the NIMBY attitude of certain residents don't further ruin the vibrant inner-city vibe of St Peters or hamper the efforts of any business, especially those promoting live music.

  2. Jenny Crosbie commented

    This looks like a very reasonable plan and DA.
    Good points:
    It would be great to have entry/exit from the Princes Highway to divert patrons away from residential streets.
    The enclosure of the outdoor area to minimise noise is good.
    Hours of possible music sound reasonable.
    Live music in St Peter’s would be awesome. I think it would add to the culture and appeal of the suburb.

  3. Samantha Ball commented

    I support this proposal. More live music in St Peters would be great and the majority of noise would be directed towards the Princes Highway so no issue for local residents. Council should consider putting a pedestrian crossing on Victoria Street for patrons exiting the venue as many cars turn quickly into this street to avoid the lights on Princes Highway, which could be dangerous.

  4. Brendan McKeating commented

    This is an excellent proposal, the area needs more culture and quite frankly the pub has been there longer than any resident.

  5. penelope knoff commented

    I support based on
    - location of pub is already a very noisy spot
    - need efforts to try keep patrons safe when exiting but also keeping them off side streets/milling around
    - live music is a great addition

  6. Rhiannon commented

    This would be fantastic to see this approved!
    Will be my new local, support for live music is so important especially now

  7. Julie Siemsen commented

    I am very excited about the prospect of The White Horse opening again-and as a music venue to boot! This is the closest pub to me and what a joy it will be to have some local entertainment in my own suburb instead of travelling to Newtown or Marrickville. Please please please please please give St Peters a bit of the entertainment joy Inner West Council!

  8. Luke Vandenhurk commented

    I support based on
    - location of pub is already a very noisy spot
    - need efforts to try keep patrons safe when exiting but also keeping them off side streets/milling around
    - live music is a great addition
    -Great addition to the local area

  9. cassandra carlsson commented

    100% support this in my local area, we desperately need more venues with music

  10. Rodney McShanag commented

    I fully support this application I went to a information session and the plans made sense , St Peters could do with another venue to re open , this pub has been here for years so will great to see it trade again

  11. Jen Leahy commented

    As a local resident and parent of St Peter’s Public school, I am in total support of this proposal to re-open the pub and also include live music. I think it will be great for the community, rather than the sketchy derelict building currently there. Good luck to the new owners.

  12. Harriet McKern commented

    I support this. It will be a great asset to the area with real art, heart and character.

  13. Kim Skildum-Reid commented

    100% support this proposal. It’sin a spot that’s already noisy, and we need more live music venues in the area. The guys behind it have been in the music business in this area for a long time. I have absolute confidence it will be a great venue, responsibly run.

  14. Nicole Mot commented

    I support the application. The architectural drawings showing the planned changes and renovation of this old long standing hotel look very good. The main room which is planned for the live music is located at the highway side of the building which will minimise the impact of noise for local residents.
    Live music creates atmosphere to a venue and given the hours proposed for the music, the noise levels should not impact significantly on the local area.
    Reactivating the White Horse Hotel will be a welcome refurbishment to the area.

  15. Dr Joel Roast commented

    I wholeheartedly support this application. It considers and proposes thoughtful solutions to the problems of the venue in its current state and, in doing so, makes the applicants' good intentions amply clear. Their proposal will improve not only the external appearance of this beautiful old building but help reinstate a feeling of community in the area, especially via the much-needed reintroduction of live music. The applicants have been in the music business for a long time so will know how to run this venue to achieve their aims, bring this old pub back to life, and add something special to the night life of inner Sydney.

  16. Trisha Carlton commented

    I fully support this application we need to keep live music venues open, not oppose them.

  17. E Kramer commented

    I support the submission. I've been a St Peter's resident since 2018 (formerly Newtown) and look forward to having a lively new pub in the area. I have lived in the Inner West since 2008 and having the option of going to local live music gigs nearby is a great part of living in the area. I also support the prospect of job creation for our local musicians, who have suffered professionally with the COVID-19 restrictions.

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