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340 Waverley Rd, Malvern East 3145, VIC

Variation of category to General Licence

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  1. Tina Stavropoulos commented

    We object to the granting of liquor license. Especially until 11pm.
    As residents of Darling rd for 55 years we already experience anti social behaviour from nearby cafes and restaurants.
    Adding another liquor license and late night trade to this small strip will make our lives more uncomfortable. We already live in fear from the rowdy and drunken behaviour from cafes/ nearby. We regret that we didn’t object to previous liquor & late night applications, and that since ended being a nightmare. Resulting in a late night beer garden nearby with live music. Including out of control parties!

    The customers will no doubt park in front of our house, then come back to their cars, yelling and continuing with their festivities...
    We have reach the quota on Waverley rd.
    Adding essentially what will be a bar/pub will encourage more late night drama to this neighbourhood.
    They are more than welcome to go to chapel st, not family oriented East Malvern.
    We implore you to please deny this license.

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