142 Bathurst Street Launceston TAS 7250

Visitor accommodation - Change of use to a holiday unit

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 10 months ago. It was received by them 7 days earlier.

(Source: Launceston City Council, reference DA0653/2019)


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  1. Lisa Walkden commented

    Yet another example of a house being turned into accommodation short term accommodation I see so many planning alerts and nearly half of them are for airbnb
    Where are local people meant to rent and live?

  2. Leanne Morrison commented

    Lisa you will find that 99% of these properties are existing Airbnb properties who are now complying with new Launceston City Council and Airbnb regulations in order to have their properties remain listed after early December. They are not new properties being taken off the rental market

  3. Jarad Murray commented

    The people who own these houses should be able to do whatever they want with them.

    If there is a demand for airbnb and they comply with the planning and safety requirements then go for it. As a landlord myself (long term rental) I am more and more leaning towards short term rental. It is hard to find good agents, tenants do not take good care of the property, good agents are hard to find, when damage is done it is really hard to get the bond back to cover it and then sometimes we end up out of pocket.

    As long as agents have low expectations on tenants, tenants don't value the property that the owner has worked hard to buy and the bond is not easy to get to cover repairs, more properties will be going into short term rental.

    We need more rental properties, but red tape, availability of trades and not great planning instruments are not helping. We need less big houses and a far more small and medium houses and flats.

    If anyone from the state gov ever sees this, why aren't we able to rent out Ancillary Dwellings? There are a lot of pluses to them and NSW has shown how successful they can be at brining more rental spaces into the market...

  4. Garry Stannus commented

    Yes, Councillors:

    keep on destroying community. You've already shown your willingness to jump to the wishes of the 'big money' (one Councillor excepted).

    Long term landlords v short term landlords?

    How about a municipality where home ownership is a priority, where homes are not targets for investors and where homes are not to be viewed as 'rentals' to be defended from the attacks of short term rentors and AirB&Bers?

    Home ownership.

  5. Jarad commented

    Thanks for your comment Garry. That's a whole complex issue. I've often said that we should remove stamp duty down here in Tas and just let people buy and sell their houses to suit their needs without taxes masquerading as fees. People would move here and buy if they wanted to and others would downsize as they would get to keep their money.

    But there are a lot of people who just don't want to buy and don't want to be in debt. They need to live somewhere...

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