80 Bedford Road, Ringwood VIC 3134

Construction of two or more dwellings on a lot (seven dwellings in double storey buildings) and removal of vegetation

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. It was received by them 9 months earlier.

(Source: Maroondah City Council, reference M/2019/222)


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  1. Margaret H commented

    Bedford Road is already a nightmare at times especially during school times and with the train crossing & traffic lights causing bank ups -to have more density in such a small area with a development across the road from Ringwood Secondary Collage approved by VCAT now this proposed development and the possibility of another larger scale development up the road going ahead if unsuccessful at the upcoming VCAT hearing.

    This is going to make life very difficult not just for the locals [rate payers] who live in the side streets but also the students and parents who drop off or attend events at the collage which has developed with multi usage & the community centre just a short distance up the road.
    We need to look after all not just developers as they build and then walk away leaving the consequences for the locals to deal with after they have gone.

  2. Liz commented

    CCS queries as to whether this development is actually apartment style, where the seven dwellings are co-joined. We also would like to know how parking is to be accommodated.
    While the parcel of land is quite sizable, we also query what landscape plan is to be required to replace much of the vegetation in particular mature trees, which will be removed.
    If there are to be seven individual blocks, we would object on the basis of so much of the land being taken up with paving for vehicle access. It would definitely be more than 50 % of the land that would be covered by buildings and hardstanding material, causing the land underneath to become anhydrous. This will only serve to stress trees on adjoining properties.
    Some clarification on this large development would be appreciated. Thank You.

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