1 Princess Av South, Burrill Lake, NSW

Demolition of existing motel and construction of three storey tourist and visitor accommodation building comprising ground floor parking, food and drink premises, 25 accommodation suites & roof top terrace.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Shoalhaven City Council, reference DA19/2160)


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  1. Jordan Maloney commented

    What a fantastic proposal. Its clearly going to be a great facility that will only add to the facade of Burill and give locals a great place to meet. It will bring jobs to the area and improve an existing dated motel sight. Great to see!

  2. Andrea Tucker commented

    Brilliant for the area and our community. This thoughtfully and aesthetically planned development will certainly be a lucrative asset to our region. Adding value by creating jobs, luring the tourist trade and taking further advantage of such a beautiful location. Two thumbs up!!

  3. Michelle Akiva commented

    What a great addition to our area. It will be give employment to our growing community and also provide a beautiful place to eat, drink and relax with family and friends.

  4. Julz Griffiths commented

    Excellent! Great for employment in the area and tourism .. we need more places like this for locals too :) hopefully they will also have good plans for an eco friendly working environment...

  5. Chris Beverley commented

    This is very exciting. Great for both local employment and entertainment. Exactly what Burrill needs to accompany the areas population growth.

  6. Melissa Van Antwerpen commented

    What a beautiful venue in a beautiful location.
    Very excited that not only myself but my growing teenagers will have somewhere like this within walking distance of their home by the time they are 18
    Definitely what our area needs

  7. Lucas Pratt commented

    This venue will be a much needed addition to the suburb and Burrill Lake is absolutely ready for it. The site really suits this style of development and it has been designed well.

  8. Emma commented

    This is going to be so amazing for the community I can't wait..
    This town is booming and its unreal to see this development happening.

  9. Narelle Griffin commented

    Having looked at the plans for this development I’m confident that it will only enhance an already beautiful area. This facility is much needed in the area and I applaud the developers for their vision.

  10. Blake Mckenzie commented

    With the increased approvals of dozens of land subdivisions around the locality in recent years it is amazing to see a new development focusing on providing amenities rather than stress on the local infrastructure.

    Development like this will not only bring tourist dollars into the local economy but also increase hosing prices in the locality and make it a more desirable destination for retirement and relocation, benefiting all locals, not to mention providing new food and beverage establishments for us to frequent.

    If only we had such vision 20 years ago then there would already be the facilities and amenities to cater for the expanding housing developments and we would not be playing catch-up. If developers are willing to put their time, effort and resources behind these plans to improve our community and the amenities which can be enjoyed by all then, thank you.

  11. Luke Stewart commented

    So excited for this. It’s perfect timing too. This area needs something apart from Mollymook. Looking forward to a day on the lake and dinner and drinks over looking the water at the end of the day.

  12. Stephen Hoggett commented

    What a brilliant initiative!! It is great to have developers looking at giving back to the locals through facilities such as these. This proposal looks to be well designed, and I'll be looking forward to the positive impact this facility will provide to the local community.

  13. Yvonne Perrin commented

    I am absolutely devastated that people believe this development is a good idea. Having resided in Burrill Lake and Milton for over 30 years I have been witness to much development, some good some bad. This is one of the bad ones. Burrill Lake is still a beautiful environment ,with natural appeal to everyone. Including the wildlife. Ecologically this development would be a disaster. The tranquility of Burrill would be shattered. This is a unique estuary and is extremely fragile .The shifting sands home to so much marine and birdlife. The reason this building application has been submitted is pure and simple. Money. We all have to start taking responsibility for our future and preserve at least a few coastal towns to a minimum . It also seems the development will be built to the waterline? There should be a buffer of at least 7mt, or so I thought ,for foreshore developments? We really don't need Noosa style in Burrill Lake, keep it for the next generation, people will come just for the beauty. What of climate change and rising sea levels? I've noticed severe erosion on the bank of the dune to the south ,at least 5 meters has washed into the water in the last 3 years. Nothing further should be built on the waters edge.

  14. Carolyn Clatworthy commented

    The very idea of a 3 storey waterfront development on Burrill Lake estuary is so wrong.This building will be a blight on the landscape.How is it even possible that a development of this magnitude can be approved on such a heavily floodprone site?
    Also I fear for the survival of delicate aquatic species across the mud flats in the estuary which are already heavily impacted by increasing human interference and polluted stormwater runoff from the existing development around the lake.
    I would not object to a more modest development of this site.

  15. Tony Rolfe commented

    As a former owner of Edgewater (1993 - 2004), I want to Express my admiration for this development. This 4-star location deserves a 4-star development.

    Concern for the land immediately in front of the existing log wall is misplaced. This area has been used as a footpath since before we bought the motel and no one had any concern then.

    This development will be the gem in Burrill Lake and I urge Council to approve it.

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