10 Davey Street, Frankston 3199, VIC

Extension of time - Part demolition of buildings and works in aheritage overlay, - Construction of a fourteen storey building with four levels of basement car parking, - Use of dwellings and Cafe, - Reduction in car parking requirments, and - a waiver of loading bay requirements.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 10 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Frankston City Council, reference 161/2011/P/F)


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  1. F & J hartwood commented

    Here is an objection - 14 storeys is WAY too high for his area. The South East Water building and Box Hill eyesores are an example. . This is beachside town not city side suburb. 8 storeys max. Allowing this eyesore to go through will ofcourse set a precedence to the area for more alike. An example will be the Caltex station now for sale which will be another high rise allowed here. ..just the beginning of the end. Wake up FCC you should know better - forget those extra rates and care for your special town.

  2. Deb Anderson commented

    Height of proposed building is too high for beachside development. Lower buildings with shops no car park entrances along creek or facing the beach.
    Move high rise buildings to the back of shops scaling the size lower at they reach the creek and or beach

  3. Simon Harry commented

    Council needs to be stricter on these developments. This has been in planning since 2011 and the site has been vacant since then. The developers started demolishing the existing buildings before they even had finance to complete. Now the developers can't get finance, they can't sell the site, the market for apartments has collapsed, their permit has expired, and there is a massive unusable piece of prime real estate that is being wasted

    The houses which the developers were obliged to protect are slowly decaying as the backs have been demolished leaving only the facades.

    Council shouldn't have approved demolition until they had a financial guarantee they could build.

    At this point the developers have no intention or capacity to construct, they have no finance and their only hope is to get the permit extended so they can sell it.

    Even if the permit is extended there is no way they will find a buyer that will build this thing.

    This project is dead and council should have known better than to think it could ever be a success

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