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  1. 37 Carlyle Way, Malvern East VIC 3145
    about 20 hours ago, 720 metres away

    Application of planning permit to remove two trees on the property, which is located in NCO1 (Hedgeley Dene Precinct). Branches of a gum tree are hanging over the house, posing risks of damaging the roof and a child's bedroom underneath. One weeping elm tree is grown very close to the 1st floor of the house, requiring urgent cutting to prevent damages to the house. The removal of the two trees would take 1 day, as advised by arborists. If the removal is not to be permitted after assessment, please advise if pruning can be arranged instead. For your information, significant branches of our neighbour's gum tree have fallen in front of our house before. Now the neighbour has removed their tree. We are very concerned every time branches of our gum tree in my garden fall down during windy weather.

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