632 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Wombarra NSW 2515

Subdivision - Torrens title - 16 lots including bulk earthworks, tree removals, access roads and drainage infrastructure

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 11 days earlier.

(Source: Wollongong City Council, reference DA-2019/1198)


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  1. Shane De Clouett commented

    My concern is the increase in traffic entering and leaving these properties as well as parking for all occupants and visitors as there is no opertunity for on street parking.

    Also were are 32 bins going to go on rubbish collection night, Centainly not on LHD as theres no room and a bus stop out front

  2. Libby Gentle commented

    An appalling inappropriate greedy attempt to destroy an existing landscape and alter forever a delicate environment. Soooo dangerous!
    We don’t even have proper footpaths for pedestrian traffic. There are only 19 houses in the whole block so this almost doubles the population of this area.!
    At random times of day but particularly at night this section of lhd becomes a speedway! A little known fact since the developer clearly does not live here. There are about 100 reasons for this to be denied!

  3. Dale Herbert commented

    65% of the site is critically endangered Littoral Rainforest or Proximity Area to Rainforest (a crucial 100m buffer zone that helps the Rainforest survive). The developers are planning on removing 75% of the vegetation and they can do this by buying biodiversity credits. So they buy trees elsewhere and we are left with a scar on the landscape that resembles an open cut mine.
    The site is also geotechnically unstable with two active landslides contained within it. Doing extensive work on this site puts current residents' lives and houses at risk (we do not want a repeat of the 1988 Coledale Landslide Disaster) and anyone thinking of buying a block and building on it is risking huge financial losses. Think Mascot Towers but without insurance (you cannot insure against land slippage)

  4. Victoria Keighery commented

    This development is an irresponsible and dangerous plan for a highly geotechnical unstable site close to an area where two houses and two lives have been lost to slippages and landslides in the past. The removal of a massive 40,000 cubic metres of spoil will drastically alter the water plane and put existing properties and lives at risk, along with the occupants of the houses being built. The removal of existing trees and vegetation will increase the risks of slippages and landslides in such an unstable area. This land should never have been bought for development and restraints need to be put on such plans to protect existing and future residents of the area.
    The development will result in an increase of 116 vehicles in an area where parking and traffic are already congested, and the exit and access to the development is dangerously close to a narrow bend in Lawrence Hargrave Drive that may result in traffic incidents and pedestrian fatalities.
    Please, please do not put our lives, those of our families and of future residents at risk to satisfy the profit of one individual who does not even live in the area.

  5. Kerry Lawrence commented

    I could write a very long list as to why this proposal can never be acceptable however
    suffice to say we Wombarra residents are the caretakers of this unique village between the escarpment and the sea.
    It’s difficult enough for us already with increased traffic volume unstable walkways etc. Our bushcare programs are of a high standard with many volunteers also protecting Scarborough Wombarra cemetery . We are trying to protect Wombarra flora n fauna . This type of development undermines our safety and our vision for a sustainable creative and safe future for us and our next generations. We are a community , a village ... not a housing estate.
    Kerry L
    and family

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