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Other applications in the last 2 months within 2 km of 8/197 Birrell Street Waverley NSW 2024

  1. 69 Read Street Bronte NSW 2024
    5 days ago, 490 m away

    Remove one (1) Araucaria columnaris (Cook Pine) adjacent to eastern boundary. This tree is unsuitable & unsustainable in its location. It is pushing over the boundary wall and lifting pavers, creating a trip hazard. The Tree has insufficient space to develop, as it matures it will continue to cause ongoing damage to the property. The wall and pavers could be repaired but major structural roots would have to be removed, putting the tree at risk of falling over.

  2. 33 Lawson Street Bondi Junction NSW 2022
    7 days ago, 1.4 km away

    Remove two (2) Ficus microcarpa (Hills Weeping Fig) from backyard. These trees are unsuitable & unsustainable in their locations, they're situated within 3 metres of the garage. There is insufficient space for the trees to flourish and mature in good health and vigour. The root systems are pressing up against the foundation of the garage causing ongoing damages to the building. Buttress roots are forming, causing a trip hazard. These trees present an unacceptable level of risk of damage to property and to the residence.

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