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    14/6-38 Blenheim Street Queens Park NSW 2022
    24 days ago, 1.8 kilometres away

    Remove two (2) Gum Trees from the rear boundary of the property. The root system is pushing on the retaining wall between no. 36 & 40 Blenheim Street, the roots are exposed in the rear yard. Even though the damage is minor and the trees are still relatively young, they have the potential to reach massive proportions. As the trees grow, their woody roots will expand and lift the lawn, and cause further damage to the retaining wall. Over the past years these trees have dropped large dead and alive branches. While it may be possible to top dress the lawn to cover the roots, and carry out some minor pruning, it would not address the damage to the retaining wall. The only practical way of abating the current damage and preventing further damage is to order the removal of the tree.

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