420-422 Springwood Road Springwood QLD 4127

One Lot into Five Lots

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Logan City Council, reference RL-74/2019)


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  1. Lilly Jia commented

    Its very sad the owners of the Cambridge tennis club have decided to put money before people. The Cambridge tennis club is a unique club probably one of the nicest tennis clubs in Brisbane. It is also surrounded by wildlife . Such a shame they didn't even try to sell it as a business. Very sad people. The loss of a great Springwood asset.

  2. Tony commented


    This application uses the driveway of the Springwood Body Corperate. If they want to subdivide they should put in their own access. The driveway in question is narrow and in bad condition. With extra traffic it will become dangerous. Using someone else driveway to subdivide your property is not right and selfish. This entire application is selfish. Not only are you taking away a Springwood asset the Cambridge tennis club you are using someone else driveway to do it. We strongly oppose this application on moral and safety grounds.

  3. John Wong commented

    Due to the ageing condition of the easement it cannot withstand trucks over 4 ton. How can you build this ? without causing dangerous damage to a drive way that has already had 3 accidents.

  4. gary Tier commented

    There has already been three accidents on the driveway easement since two other lots were subdivided using the easement for access.Numerous other near misses involving both pedestrians and vehicles also have occurred, any further intensification of development using the easement will result in further accidents .Any development will also cause irreparable damage to the driveway .

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