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  1. 440 Balcombe Road Beaumaris VIC 3193
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    We are applying for a permit to remove a dead native Gum tree on the f ront of our property. The tree is on the same planting line as two oth er trees which have both fallen over in storms. The first tree fell in high winds in February 2018. The second tree fell down in a storm on the 9th February 2020. The fallen tree was attended by the SES & power company to remove it from the house roof / gutter / power cable to the house. It was then cut up and removed by Redback Tree Services. The falling tree caused minor damage to the roof gutter and damaged o ur tenants car in the driveon area (tree fall photo attached). The Gum Tree we would like removed has been assessed by Redback Tree Services as dead and recommended it to be removed. We are very concerned if th e tree were to come down in a future storm (being very large) it could fall directly into the front of our house causing substantial damage or across Balcombe Road. We are happy to replace the gum tree with a low growing native thereby avoiding potential safety risks in the futu re.

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