77A Wright Street Sunshine, VIC

Use and development of thirteen (13) stores within a land subject to inundation overlay & within an environmental significance overlay schedule 4

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(Source: Brimbank City Council, reference P322/2019)


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  1. Jessica Gerger commented

    Hello. This is a lot of warehouses to squeeze into that block. It is also extremely close to Kororoit Creek. We should be moving away from development and industry near creeks. Particularly as council has announced a Climate Emergency and the health of our waterways are a vital part of a live-able environment. Our waterways are lined with polluting developments and industry - to keep adding to that will make it worse.

  2. Alex commented

    More warehouses on such a small allotment looks like a recipe for disaster. A disaster for local residents and for Kororoit Creek given the proximity to the creek this development is going and the additional traffic and hazards that come with warehouses. It's well beyond time that we stop doing so much development near creeks like Kororoit Creek. It is troubling that Council would support such a development despite having plans to address the climate emergency and ensure the health of our waterways which are a vital part of a live-able environment. Our waterways are lined with polluting developments and industry and to keep adding to that will make it worse.

  3. Tony de Gabriele commented

    This is not a suitable area for this development for a number of reasons. One major one is the existing traffic congestion in this area. Wright street is a major thoroughfare to Sunshine West and since the new housing development congestion has already increased to which this warehouse development will only add. There is no strategy presented within the proposed development for how this congestion will be eased - this results in transfer of effort and cost to the local population who have to waste more time and energy in their daily commutes.
    The other major objection is the proximity of the creek. After having seen the devastation brought to Stony Creek because of inappropriate industries near major waterways, the development of generic, all purpose spaces for industry needs to be reconsidered. Risking significant long term pollution, damage to habitat and potential impact to residential neighbours is not something that I expect Brimbank Council to allow without careful consideration.

    I would be interested to know the rationale behind this construction in this place including who the expected tenants will be.

  4. Sunshine's Rising commented

    Having already experienced the disastrous toxic fire in Brooklyn and the impact it had on Stoney Creek, I'm nervous about more warehouses being built in such close proximity to the creek and opposite one of the most popular children's playground in Sunshine, Buckingham Reserve. We have recent history which indicates some industries along the waterway see the creek as a drain.

    With the instalment of The Royal, council sured-up the residential use of land beyond Paul's Warehouse. Approx 100 dwellings were built with no changes to that section of Wright Street. Between the increase in truck use [the trucks seem to be getting bigger, many don't fit in the lanes wing mirror to wing mirror] and the potential 100 new vehicles attached to The Royal there is already significant congestion at peak hours and poor visibility due to the lay of the road. Will we see a residential zone speed limit enforced, signalling changes, conversations surround the exisiting truck route given the roadworks being built by the Labor Govt. It is residential from Hampshire Rd into Sunshine West - thought needs to be given to these residents as the plans for Sunshine start to roll out considering they are not in the Go-go zone.

    14 new warehouses, many of which back directly on residential blocks and skirt a creek? I would hope that terms of use be made available to the public from an environmental impact point of view including noise and air.

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