1049 Bourke Street Waterloo NSW 2017

Concept DA seeking in principle approval for demolition and for a concept building envelope to a height of approximately 22m, with indicative basement car-parking, ground level retail, servicing and accommodation entries and boarding rooms on upper levels. This application is for Integrated Development requiring the approval of Water NSW under the Water Management Act 2000.

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(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2019/1082)


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  1. Alexa Wyatt commented

    Regardless of what the existing height limit is in this area (22 m) I am concerned about the overall impact of any larger built forms opposite what is now the dominant built structure of this location, being the major Green Square development. One only needs to look at the Central Park precinct to see what a mass of multi-storey buildings look like (albeit none there are limited to 6 storeys - if only that had been enforced). The result is streets that are almost always in shade, and wind tunnels created by the narrow canyons the new structures have created. Sydney cannot keep building upwards without adverse affects especially in precincts where much higher buildings already exist. Whilst inner city affordable homes are sorely needed, they cannot come at the cost of overall liveability and residential amenity. To concede a lift overrun of a metre above the height limitation could well set a precedent for even greater non-compliance in the future. It is disingenuous to claim that adherence to the height limitation will affect floor to floor heights and reduced amenity for residents, when that would easily be addressed by making the development 5 storeys instead of 6. These plans are not immutable. As numerous other sites adjoining this one will be ripe for similar redevelopment, a long term vision of the whole area, not just this site, must be considered. A case by case scenario is simply not appropriate or in the best interests of what is already a high density residential area, with more homes to come. As this development will set the benchmark for development on the north side of Bourke Street, I believe it is unwise to grant any variations to existing controls.

  2. M Boothroyd commented

    Across the road from this proposed development the ground level retail has been empty since completion of the building about a year ago. So why are we building more? Have we considered some office buildings to match what already exists alongside it - the motorbike garage/sales and Wittner shoe store.

    Not sure about what the boarding rooms on the top floor are? Could this be defined more. And as for more high rise buildings this would have to be more than the millionth time you have had this feedback from the community - WE DON'T WANT MORE HIGH RISE. We would like to see 4-5 story building heights.

    When will the council address the feedback from community that we don't want buildings over 4-5 stories high? You ask for our feedback you get it and then you carry on breaking heights restrictions that you have set yourself.

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