Porter Street, Parkside, SA

Remove regulated street tree - Eucalyptus (White Gum)(outside 64 Porter Street, Parkside)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Unley, reference 673/2019/NEW)


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  1. Emma Miller commented

    No reason has been provided for the removal of this tree. Our area is rapidly becoming denuded of all trees, from Wayville to Parkside - so many trees are being removed for the convenience of developers. A recent report listed Unley Council with the worst record for removal of trees. What is going on here? I will certainly be paying attention to which members of Council approve these mutilations at the next election.

  2. Wendy Bevan commented

    What is the reason for this? This tree not only provides shade, cooling and looks good but it provides habitat. Why is it being removed..

  3. Carolyn August commented

    We endorse the seriously important comments of Emma Miller and Wendy Bevan. What is the use of Kat Ryan's (Co-Ordinator Environmental Projects and Strategy, Unley Council) 14th Oct email call for community to join "engagement sessions" regarding trees when the Unley Council, it appears, without explanation, is backing the wholesale slaughter of magnificent regulated healthy trees such as that, outside 64 Porter St, which beautifies and provides habitat. The community already knows the need to retain Unley's tree cover and most support Mayor Hewitson in his endeavours to do so - but why ongoing costly and time-wasting"talk fests" when destruction continues regardless of fruitless data collection.
    Furthermore, it is of concern that street trees have been removed by Council in several streets and not replaced.

  4. Alison Michael commented

    Trees like this make Parkside the beautiful area that is is. The Parkside and Unley area is one of the few suburbs that have so far remained green. The trees provide shady and cool streets, which is essential especially coming into the summer months. They make the streets quieter and more peaceful, creating an environment that people actually want to be in. They are also a habitat for many animals.

    Please do not cut this and other trees like this down. They take hundreds of years to grow and we cant just rebuild them.

    I have previously lived in the area and am looking to move back as I am drawn to the beautiful atmosphere and green streets, please do not ruin the beautiful area!

  5. Virginia Munro commented

    Please did not remove this significant tree. We are already losing our canopy. Trees are so important for wildlife, kids, temperature regulation, flood mitigation etc. They take years to replace.

  6. Cathy Chua commented

    Really hard to be polite about this. It's appalling! Many good reasons have already been articulated above. It's quite extraordinary that they have to be expressed again and again and again, more or less to no avail.

  7. Andrew Griffiths commented

    How can it be a significant tree (ie protected) and at the stroke of some beaurocrats pen become de-regulated. AGAIN

  8. Anne Wharton commented

    I share the concern about the loss of this beautiful tree. Unfortunately the tree is causing structural problems to the front veranda and front wall of the house. This has been confirmed by an Engineer’s report done by Council. Hence the application for its removal. SA planning laws often make it too easy to remove trees but in this case, it is probably justified. Neighbours will probably have to be notified at some point as it is a street tree, i.e. on public land.

    More generally, significant and regulated trees (typically amongst the largest and oldest of the trees in our suburbs) are of particular concern when new developments or house extensions are proposed and it certainly seems unjust when they are proposed to be felled or severely pruned. The SA Government’s planning and tree protection laws have severely weakened protection for significant and regulated trees in the last few years. Council, unfortunately, has little power to override these laws.

    We have an Unley Tree Action group within FOCUS (Friends of the City of Unley) but it is increasingly difficult to save our significant trees, especially on private land, because of the abysmal SA Government planning laws. We are however encouraging Council to increase the tree canopy along verges (which it controls) and encourage private owners to plant more trees on their own land

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