20 Hopetoun Street Petersham NSW 2049

Application under section 4.55 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act to modify Determination No.DA201900748, modification involves deletion of condition 59 relating to a splay corner

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 10 days earlier.

(Source: Inner West Council (Marrickville), reference DA201500748.03)


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  1. Robert Davidson commented

    It's strange that this modification is coming in when the development is signed off as complete and the owners moved in a month ago.

  2. mark matheson commented

    I am told there are "No records to display."

  3. Joeo commented

    I know right? Isn’t it annoying that the documents relating to a da are not available when the DA is lodged? Funny how they used to be simultaneous before amalgamation but now they appear many days after the DA. I thought amalgamation was supposed to make things better, not worse.

  4. Robert Davidson commented

    Inner West Council confirmed that an occupation certificate has been issued. The owners moved in weeks ago and the compliance signs came down in August. The development has been signed off as complete, so this is not asking permission to change a development but is asking for back dated approval for breaching the development conditions.

    This developer has been a serial nuisance - ignoring requirements for sediment barriers, runoff controls, damage to the paths and blocking the street. Rubbish and vermin have been an issue for the last 18 months and the council has ignored local complaints. Out-of-hours work is continuing on the site and council's response is "call the police".

    If this 'modification' is approved it just shows that private certifiers have permission to set their own rules and that, at least for certain developments, IWC is not interested in taking any responsibility for what results.

  5. Jamie Anderson commented

    It's hard when the relevant documents aren't made available, but let me get this straight.
    Was a condition put on the development, but the builder ignored it and just did what they wanted anyway? If so, it would make a mockery of the planning process if council lets them get away with it.

  6. Robert Davidson commented

    Yes. The condition was in the development consent.
    Yes. As in previous cases at this address, the developer chose to carry on with what they wanted and seek forgiveness later.

    The development is privately certified (certifier's name has not been displayed in months) and the council routinely declines to investigate non-compliance.

  7. Jamie Anderson commented

    Then council need to enforce the conditions of the consent, or they will become irrelevant. Why make people lodge DAs if they can get away with gaming the system like this.
    We spent a lot of money buying here. We did our due diligence, checking planning and zoning around the area. Only to find it was a waste of time, because council refuses to enforce it's own rules.

  8. Michael Darby commented

    The owners who are now living in the house should be made to comply with the original DA,

  9. Roger commented

    Just another reason to move. I suspect that - in spite of corruption investigations over the years - there are ‘Special’ builders and ‘Special’ certifiers that have enough familiarity with Council staff to circumnavigate (ie ignore) planning regulations on a regular basis. They commence building ‘illegal’ developments on that assumption. And they continue to do it with the assistance of Council staff. Our rates and the immense planning application fees that our Council collects are for compliance and monitoring- so what is happening? The Opal Towers fiasco is the tip of the iceberg. Contact your local councillors for an on-site meeting to express your concern, outrage and frustration with Council process - ask them what they are going to do about it. Calmly and politely of course.

  10. Angel commented

    The splay has caused great concern regarding the protected tree which is also clearly stipulated in the DA
    alas the application has been withdrawn after advise from Council and the splay will be worked in the most practical way to preserve the sacred tree
    Im very hurt that others have jumped to conclusions and made slurs about us and the situations, anyone can approach me in person any time I’m extremely polite and proud resident of Marrickville &Petersham 40yr+

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