100 Fairway Drive, Norwest NSW 2153

Four residential flat buildings between seven and 12 storeys creating 217 units and three levels of basement car parking (external works along Fairway Drive only under the Roads Act 1993)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: The Hills Shire Council, reference 26/2020/EC)


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  1. Gagandeep Singh commented

    Completely outrageous application.
    Over congestion of already struggling roads and infrastructure.
    Will make this area one of the worst for families and community.
    Please reject immediately.

  2. Sameer Desai commented

    Fairway Drive is already collapsing with current levels of traffic. Traffic controllers holdin on peak hours traffic is a normal sight now. BVPS has 1,000 kids capacity but that does not mean all the high rises have to be on Fairway. Council has not even opened up Free Settlers Drive for traffic. Substantial work on Memorial Ave and Severn Vale Drive Upgrade should have commenced by now to support traffic diversions and building developments. Tall buildings do not necessarily downgrade the community but phased development should be preceded by road/transport infrastructure. The roads and supporting infrastructure should have been put in place before high rise construction starts.
    Lack of traffic/speed limit signage and absence of patrol vehicles makes Fairway a haven for Speeding drivers.

  3. Walter Wendel commented

    This area is already overcrowded. Not enough infrastructure, i. e. streets to support it.

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