228-230 Jones Road Bellbird Park QLD 4300

Superseded Planning Scheme Request - Twenty-One (21) Lots -Dwelling and Auxiliary Units

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 months ago. It was received by them 6 days earlier.

(Source: Ipswich City Council, reference SPSR-8283/2019)


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  1. S. Bourne commented

    I wish to express my objection to this application. The original application for the development indicates 13 of the then 25 lots that were earmarked for auxiliary units. To ask for 21 out of 21 now is disingenuous and makes a mockery of the entire planning scheme process. The initial development application was in negotiations for 9 months and the auxiliary unit issue was one of the things highlighted in the limited negotiation documents available online. To think that the council did not negotiate on this is despicable. The council is well aware that these auxiliary units are not being used as the planning scheme intends and have nothing at all to do with intergenerational housing but is all about double rent for investors. We also have these auxiliary unit dwelling being again divided and rented out as 2 units effectively putting 4 families per dwelling – the developers showing absolute contempt for the scheme and its intentions. They add nothing to the amenity or livability of the suburb but add to parking, traffic and noise issues. And to suggest that these allow for a variety of living options for the area is also insincere as there are literally hundreds of these units that have been approved for the suburb in in the last 2 years, there is no shortage of then in the area. Sneaking this application in a week before the super seceded planning scheme is due to expires is infuriating for residents. These developers have had plenty of time to adjust to the new scheme and ensure that they maximize their profit without having to use these and create yet another street where there is insufficient parking so residents end up parking on footpaths and all over the street. This type of destruction of Bellbird Park needs to stop.

  2. Craig Wilson commented

    I agree whole heartedly with S. Bourne. This has to stop. Bellbird Park is changing for the worse. The council just does not care about its residents. The proof is in the developments.

  3. Glen Kempster commented

    Over doing it! 1 lot into 21 lots ok fine. now 21 residential into 42. Allowing this is only going to promote this in the immediate vicinity. Allowing this determines what future houses are for the area.

  4. David Harris commented

    Even if the council have no power to stop developments like these. I would like some sort of support for the residents of Bellbird Pk.. We suddenly have a few meetings with State government Representatives . If we can now after many requests finally get them to meet with us. surely the Council should also meet them Most people would be oblivious of the fact that the State government are those who have the ultimate say.. .If suddenly the State want to hear our views, why isn't the council doing the same thing. The reality is that objections are a waste of time. . Perhaps a show of support by Council of Belllbird Pk residents would be a pleasant surprise . Not a revolution just calling on the state government to open talks . They, the Ipswich Council"may consider your submission when they decide to approve this and Any other such application" Can't wait for the new plan which will incorporate the community views and ensure 'Transparency". Trouble is places like Bellbird will be destroyed by then. Consider me/us a NO for any development in our suburb As to objectors role. the Council needs to correlate views of objectors , their collective, well thought out objections . Then with a modicum of correlation ,understanding .and analysis. recognize publicly, why no applications are refused. There's another hour wasted.

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