1101 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach QLD 4221

Material Change of Use Code Assessment Multiple Dwelling (x8)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 16 days ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: Gold Coast City Council, reference MCU/2019/381)


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  1. Bec commented

    Q: where are people going to park the car?

    What about traffic?

    What is going on with the over development in palm Beach?

    How many people will disclose “a donation or gift to a councillor!!” Below question???

  2. Ryan Price commented

    I understand a precedent has been setup with the rather incredible number and in many instances outside the current city plan in palm beach. but seriously, please, please don't destroy the rest of the area and local community.

    Go speak with most locals and the majority are against the current destruction of our once , beautiful town suburb and loving community.

    It is now turning into a rat race, with many locals feed up with limited parking, oversized building reducing the diminishing the once adored landscape.

    I'm not against development, but please it must be taking into consideration when looking at the overall improvement of the local community.

    To date, i can't say any of the dozen or so developments approved in Palm beach have positively affected the community.

    Please don't get addicted to the potential rates and relevant fees associated with approvals for over development and consider what the locals would like.

    PS. having the only way to voice opinion on these matters via a web portal is in just to reflect the overall community opinion. Our local Councillor represents the majority of locals very well.

  3. Imelda Bordiss commented

    9 stories on a 488 sqm site? You cannot seriously consider this in any way. There is no way this design can integrate itself seamlessly into the established character of the area. That’s such a joke. Where are the tenants going to park their cars? Local streets are too narrow to allow adequate parking on the streets and cannot cope with the current traffic let alone extra traffic this building would create. Please stop the overcrowding of high rises in Palm Beach. They are totally destroying the reason why Palm Beach is unique and the family way of life here.

  4. Matilda edwards commented

    The congestion in palm beach is poor currently and likely to become far worse with additional proposed high rises. Another high rise building is likely to add further strain to the area and is unlikely to add any further benefits. Current infrastructure cannot support any further development without ruining the beautiful place that palm beach is.

  5. Janelle Punch commented

    Stop NOW, there are too many highrise in Palm Beach now. The streets will fill with residents cars and then there is nowhere for visitors or tourists or even other Gold Coasters who wish to go there. More and more people are avoiding the restaurants and cafes because it is too busy and no parking.

  6. Lorelle Holmes commented

    When is this madness of over development at Palm Beach going to end - what a shocking legacy our current Councillor for (Division 13) & supposed spokesperson for our community will leave for the next generation - should be ashamed.

  7. Karen Rowles commented

    Mayor Tate and Cr Caldwell have approved so many High Rises in Palm Beach already that are drastically outside the City Plan Guidelines.
    You have no right to destroy a coastal community and its residents by ignoring setbacks and densities. This high rise does not fit in with the amenity or character of Palm Beach. I STRONGLY OBJECT.

  8. Annette McCormick commented

    I strongly object to this application.
    Please stop with the over development of Palm Beach. Our little suburb has become a city favourite with all its new eateries/restaurants, however it is already becoming harder and harder to park in Palm Beach as it is. You are turning into a concrete jungle, and regardless of parking you provide for residents in these buildings, it will not be enough. By all means, encourage Visitors, tourists and day trippers, let them enjoy the restaurants and the beaches etc., but please stop with this madness of high rises.
    I have lived in Palm Beach since I was born, and I have never ever wanted to move....until now.

  9. Jeff Hall commented

    I object to this planning application.
    There is not the infrastructure eg public transport to cope with the hundreds of new residents to the area. There is not enough parking at the moment let alone hundreds and hundreds more cars in our streets.
    I Strongly object.

  10. Kevin Kunst commented

    As a resident of Palm Beach I object to this (another) high rise development. I ask that more consideration be given to existing residents and not bow to developers who, together with the GCCC want as many units as possible to occupy the site. If developers were forced to adhere to the existing Council guidelines the developments would be more acceptable. Also existing infrastructure will not cope with the increased population especially with the limited parking that will be available. Also we want more green space provided to offset the concrete jungle that is appearing.

  11. Samantha Ladd commented

    I object due to the application being well over density allocated in the current city plan also they are now allowing enough three em space and building boundary boundary.
    3 bedrooms per floor yet only 1.5 cars allocated per unit it not enough. There is no parking avail during quiet hours currently on the Gold Coast hwy. There will be at least 12 or more cars trying to fight for car space . This is unacceptable. If the light rail comes there will be no parking in the GC hwy so where will these cars go.

  12. Samantha Ladd commented

    I object due to the application being well over density allocated in the current city plan also they are now allowing enough three em space and building boundary boundary.
    3 bedrooms per floor yet only 1.5 cars allocated per unit it not enough. There is no parking avail during quiet hours currently on the Gold Coast hwy. There will be at least 12 or more cars trying to fight for car space . This is unacceptable. If the light rail comes there will be no parking in the GC hwy so where will these cars go.

  13. Jennifer commented

    Strongly object to this and all high rise buildings close to the beach. The open space near the beach allows the sea breezes to reach more homes. High density residential parking Is ugly, spilling into and clogging the small roads in Palm Beach. Must be very difficult for fire trucks and increasingly difficult for ambulance access.
    GCCC must get real and allow more people to be beach visitors participating in the great Australian ritual of a day at the beach.

  14. Ben Rowles commented

    The amenity of the Palm Beach village is being destroyed with each high rise that is approved. Not every one wants to live or holiday in a high rise. The Block of Land is too small for the height of this development. Your reckless disregard of setbacks is unacceptable. Please follow the city plan guidelines.
    There’s not enough parking to sustain these developments and their occupants.
    Stop the CONCRETE destroying our coastal communities.

  15. Shannon May commented

    As a long term resident and owner of two properties in Palm Beach I strongly object to this development. The beautiful character and village feel of Palm Beach has already been compromised greatly.

    We do not have the infrastructure, services or amenities to cater for all these units - if they are in fact occupied. If they are not occupied by the high end market as 'predicted', Palm Beach will become the slum of the Gold Coast, whilst at the same time destroying the quality of living for so many more people. There are more than enough high rises in Palm Beach as it is.

    Parking is already scarce and people are now starting to avoid the short lived enjoyment of new cafes and restaurants because it is too busy there. This is just another building that will not fit in to the suburb and I urge the GCCC to ensure that developers comply to the guidelines set out in the City Plan.

    We do not want a concrete jungle blocking sea breezes and causing more shadows in Palm Beach. Please stop with this over development.

  16. Kim Parker commented

    I object on the grounds that this development is too dense for the site. This results in site plant material spilling out on to the public footpaths and roads. Pedestrians and people with limited mobility are unable to access Palm Beach village and beaches freely any more without great personal risk to their safety. Gold Coast City Council compliance has not been checking these sites that spill out on to roads and pathways. Pedestrians have not been given safe places to cross. Tradespeople and delivery vehicles result in further risk to local pedestrians and vehicles. If the site plant material cannot remain within the site and if the development cannot occur without placing the public at risk it should not be approved. Councillors should and well may be held personally responsible and liable for public safety if they vote such a high density development through knowing that there are valid risks to the safety of people.

  17. Tamara Johansen commented

    I object to this proposed development. There has been a relaxed view on approving apartment buildings that are too large and dense for the size of the site that they are on, with blatant disregard for our town planning outcomes. The people, rate payers, and long-term residents of Palm Beach are not happy.

    The design does not add value to our streetscape or "fit seamlessly" with the character of Palm Beach. We are not opposed to change but we want to see responsible development within our suburb that respects our town planning guidelines.

    The lack of car-parking, lack of setbacks, extreme site coverage, density, and lack of communal open space is a concern with this application.

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