269 Brisbane Water Drive, West Gosford NSW 2250

INTEGRATED Stage 1 - Hungry Jacks with Signage, Stage 2 - Fitout of Childcare & Gym, Stage 3 - Carpark & Shopping Centre Works

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 10 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Central Coast Council (Gosford), reference 011.2019.00057302.001)


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  1. Jen Moes commented

    We don’t need more corporate takeaways such as Hungry Jacks. There are some less than a 5 minute walk away.
    We need fresh fruit and veg and a bakery.

  2. Ann Munro commented

    What is needed is a shopping area that you want to go to. That can offer a variety of good quality fresh food, cafe’s, delicatessen, and amenities that are required. Not Hungry Jacks or any takeaway of this kind which, will only result in bad odors in the a mediated area, loitering in the carpark, rubbish everywhere, not to mention the poor choice foods. The area needs to be lifted from the strip mall mentality that is already catered for not far from this area being planned. And, they already contain the above mention multi national chains why do we need more of it! Please consider what you are doing and especially Central Coast Council, in what you are approving you make far to many bad decisions for the area. We need to lift the area to be a destination, not a drive through. Please feel free to contact me, would be happy to talk.

  3. michael addison commented

    there is already a hungry jacks just 5 minutes up the road plus a mcdonalds and red rooster!!! its not needed here

  4. Angela Mitchell commented

    We do not need a Hungry Jacks, gym or child care centre. We need a fruit and veg shop and a bakery.

  5. Amanda Tarlau commented

    Let’s lift the standard developers! Please look beyond mass market fast food, we already have plenty of that rubbish. Developers should look beyond the big greasy bucks and think about what a healthy and vibrant community looks like. Independent cafes and restaurants, fruit shop, deli, bakery, newsagent, multi purpose areas to meet for coffee, watch a musician, kids play area and garden areas.

  6. Leza commented

    Please no hungry jacks.
    We want cafes, fresh fruit and veg.
    Gym would be great.

  7. Marguerite Sparkes commented

    I would like to see a thriving shopping centre instead of vacant shops. Retail therapy is good for the mind and soul. Out and about instead of stuck inside four walls. Charcoal chicken and salad bar would be nice. Bakers delight or speciality stores or even a reject shop again. That shopping centre is in a good spot and encouraging small business into the area again would be great for the economy.

  8. Larene O'Neill commented

    My first thoughts are, we already have KFC, Dominoes, Maccas, Red Rooster, Subway and Hungry Jacks 5mins down the road although I do realise flooding is a regular occurrence along Central Coast Hwy. The one Take Away Shop at West Gosford Shopping Centre only offers Pasta, Pizza, Kebabs. My second thought was - the Car Park has problems already and I can't see how adding a Hungry Jacks would improve the Car Park. For example, there is a red smashed up car sitting in the car park near the lights corner and it's been there 2mths now. I see elderly small car drivers exiting same car park out the pedestrian crossing gap over the road stripes then do a U-Turn around the island to go to the traffic lights. Plus, way too many Trucks and large vehicles in the car park shops side. I have already been hit in the rear by a Truck resulting in over $2,000 worth of damage. The car park is small and can only take small cars. Large vehicles need to park in the back rows, at the back of the car park. Pedestrian crossing is dangerous, only 1 in 3 drivers stop for pedestrians crossing with or without a trolley and groceries. We need a fresh bakery, fresh fish n chips shop, fresh Burger / Salad / Sandwich shop, Fresh Fruit and Veg shop, a Discount store like the Reject Shop with general goods that are not available in Coles. We need the path from Coles that goes to the Car Park on the other side to be "Leveled". Once past the Newsagents, you have to stand one side of your trolley to push it along the path and at the same time preventing the trolley from rolling into parked cars - ground slopes down toward parked cars. We need for all the Charity Organizations to move away from the entrance to Coles Supermarket instead of asking us to buy something every single time we walk in and out of Coles. I am animal lover and I think there needs to be an area for the animals - People bring their dogs and leave them tied to poles outside of Coles, or they sit with their Owners at Michelle's Patisserie. Sometimes there are 2 - 4 Wood Ducks around Michelle's tables and often stray birds around the ground and in the rafters above our heads outside ... Hungry Jacks is not the healthiest of Fast Food. There are plenty of alternatives ...

  9. Jessica-Kendall Ogley commented

    In step with the other commentary; there is no need for yet more fast, processed food outlets.
    Fresh and healthy food is at the heart of any thriving CBD. Provide the coast with the opportunity to make HEALTHY dietary decisions especially when there is a hungry jacks literally down the road. This proposal is unnecessary. By installing fresh fruit/veg, cafes etc it provides convenience AND healthier eating options.
    Create a brighter future for west Gosford. Don’t resign it to the same old rhetoric: shitty, classless, heart-attack enduring meal options

  10. Jenette Chamberlain commented

    Why don't you have a poll stall down at West Gosford shops. I think a fresh fruit/veg shop is a real need. Maybe some heather food cafe's NOT fast food.

  11. Matthew Sugars commented

    I do not believe this development proposal fits with the local area. This location should be used to showcase a healthy, fresh, scenic entrance to the Central Coast, not expand the already numerous amount of unhealthy fast food locations.

  12. Steven Finnan commented

    Please refer to Central Coast Councils own vison of healthy living in the central coast.

    You have multiple glossy guidelines that has been developed with the community already.

    This proposal is very disappointing. A child care facility next to fast food and carparks is not a vison I long for.

  13. Emma C commented

    Absolutely do not need fast food crap. We need a community shopping centre - a bakery, fruit and veg shop, cafes, gym, maybe a little playground. Could also have some restaurants - Italian or Chinese or something like that.

  14. Virginia platt commented

    No need for more fast food outlets.
    Was hoping it would be more like what stockland delivers to communities, a decent shopping centre with cafes, shops apartments above. Not holding out hope with what’s proposed.

  15. Paula jarman commented

    No fast food. We need a shopping centre that is a community hub with cafes, restaurants, fresh produce, some clothes shops like east gosford, cake shops, newsagency. Let's not go backward. Let's create a shopping centre that truly engages our community. Somewhere to have breakfast on the weekend and for retirees to meet and connect. Come on central coast let's get suffisticated.

  16. Lisa Knox commented

    Agree on all the objections around an unecessary Hungry Jacks when there is one a few mins down the road. The Centre needs a real lift though, what about an outlet to draw custom, like Sara Lea or Bonds or something similar. The location itself is so central, yet business after business has closed their doors there over the years. Agreed a fruit and veg outlet would be a great to have again. The only cafe in the centre is open plan and not protected from cold or hot weather, surely another choice there could work and be a more responsible choice than another Hungry Jacks! Also the slope that exists within the carpark should never have got passed first base, hopefully that is some of the Works mentioned in the application

  17. Gaynor commented

    Agree with all of the above comments!!!!


  18. Narelle Hall commented

    Please no hungry jacks. Another one is not needed in that area. Need a bakery, fruit shop, chicken shop. Support some local small businesses for a change. Any decent take away or small shops (Chinese etc) have moved out. The current car park is terrible. Add fast food a gym and a childcare and you won’t be able to move in there. I will just drive further to a different shopping centre which is pretty sad when you want to shop locally

  19. George Mastoris commented

    Yet another disappointing development proposal for the area. This shopping center does need a thorough revamp with something that can enhance the area. I agree with all the comments about not needing another multinational fast food outlet - there's already Hungry Jacks (Burger King), KFC, Red Rooster, McDonald's, Domino's and Subway all within 1 - 1.5 km from the center.
    We do need to encourage local business owners and provide a place and environment that will draw the community with diversified retail such fruit and vegetable shop, delicatessen, bakery, proper cafes and restaurants etc.
    Judging from the comments, we're all aligned. It's time to step up with some good innovation and not keep us in to the past.
    We also need a Council and elected Councillors that's aligned to the community and finally represent the electorate and what they need and want.

  20. Jo Coburn commented

    That's ridiculous there's a Hungry Jacks up the road. Use your imagination.

  21. Sally Hanzikourti commented

    I simply cannot believe the lack of thought process that has gone into allowing for yet another multinational company to set up shop here! Come on Central Coast Council: do you really think the locals need yet another greasy, full of unhealthy choices, fast-food outlet?

    Surely the one on the main highway, still in West Gosford, is enough? The cark park is already operating at it's peak-we do not require the extra pressure. I agree with the above comments: what we're lacking are small businesses to revitalize the once thriving centre: a fruit shop, a deli, a coffee shop/cafe with sandwich options, a bakery, a discount variety store. There you go, lots of options for small business, rather than continuing to allow Coles to line their greedy, bulging pockets!

  22. Matthew Selby commented

    To whom it may concern,

    I am concerned that the proposed addition of a fast food restaurant, gym and childcare while all needed may overwhelm the capacity for parking in the immediate area. The existing carpark at the site is fine outside of peak hours and weekends however it does experience severe congestion and traffic choke points due to the current layout and volume of visitors. Over the past two years the traffic during these times has seriously degraded due to all the additional units and townhouses in the area that visit the centre for their supermarket needs. Please consider the stages of development carefully so that the additions work in harmony and do not make an already stressful experience during peak hours & weekends a dangerous one involving collisions between vehicles, vehicles and pedestrians due to an insufficient number of parking spaces.

    You would be hard pressed to find a resident that isn't relieved that something is finally being done to the site however careful planning and implementation will be required to achieve the best possible outcome for both the businesses and community with the carpark layout & capacity being the major contentious issue.

  23. Kerry Close commented

    I agree with all the comments that regard having Hungry Jacks. How unimaginative! Another fast food outlet when we already have several 2 minutes away! Keep in mind many locals are elderly. It would be nice for them to have a bread shop, a fruit and veg, a deli, another cafe, a decent newsagent, maybe a doctor's surgery, even a $2 shop. Give the small businesses a go, there's already too many big chain outlets. Hungry Jack's, what a joke! The teens can go 5 minutes up the road if they want to hang out there. We need something where the community can gather and interact socially. Michels caters for that but something else is needed. What about a family type restaurant (not Macca's!) where the tavern was. There is probably a need for the kindergarten. That's fine but please, please no Hungry Jack's. More parking for the disabled would be much appreciated. At the moment I think there's 3 or 4. Considering the amount of elderly residents that's ridiculous. Please get on with it and listen to our comments. Some of us have been here for 30 years or more and deserve better as we have been loyal shoppers to West Gosford all these years.

  24. Gillian lay commented

    No to hungry jacks. Give us fruit veg bakery and deli stores! Hungry Jacks is already 2 minutes away!

  25. Kathleen Cullen commented

    Please no Hungry Jacks, really unnecessary and very unwelcome. I used to love buying from the fruit and veg shop that was there but then again Coles probably didn't like it. Another cafe/restaurant would be great - where the pub site is. And a flat surface car park - managing trolleys rolling backwards and loading your shopping in the car is difficult.

  26. Rebecca Trinick commented

    Come on council, what are you thinking?

    I know of only one fresh fruit and veg shop in wyoming, without traveling up the coast.
    West Gosford shops desperately needs a face lift, yes. But if your going to do it, do it right!
    Keep and dress up coles, put in a creche or suprvised play area for kids. (Flip out? Another one?) fruit and veg shop, some branded apparel shops, coffee shops, restraunts; keeping the chemist, butcher, newsagent, two ewes.
    Add a storey, repave, use and renovate the old tavern down there, add some more ammenities and a lick of paint.
    When are you going to listen to your rate payers, see what they want!

  27. Ann Jones commented

    Can something be done soon,!!!! less talk and planning and more action. So sad the area is not being utilised as it could be. I think the area should be left solely as a shopping area, bakery, fresh fruit and veg and some speciality shops. Where is the floor space for a gym or childcare centre? and no to Hungry Jacks. A lot of the patrons to this area are elderly some pleasant sitting areas for them to it and chat with friends

  28. Amanda Dickey commented

    I don’t agree with any of the stages proposed for this development! The obvious reason is that they all already exist 5 mins drive away.
    I think the area lacks spaces for people to meeting up: a neighbourhood centre (like Kincumber), a shared live music venue with many eateries (like at Erina Fountain plaza) and a shared office hub (like Gosford Smart Work hub).
    And then turn the Coles floor space into a local food market for all things fresh food: a bakery, a butcher, fruit & vege, deli, etc. and boutique growers/producers.

  29. Matt F commented

    Upgrade the whole complex to a modern shopping centre. Have a food court that can cater to a wider range. Include the likes of Hungry Jacks, McDonald's if you need to, as they will help pay for the development, however combine it with the proper modern food & beverage alternatives that the society of 2019 is accustomed to. Also, strongly consider a modern pub that caters to families and incorporate modern cafe's to create a thriving morning trade. The key for me is quality food & beverage so that you can attract smart operators and create jobs that local job seekers will actually want and will stick with.

  30. Kim Wilson commented

    We do not need a fast food outlet, we need a Harris Farm or something similar, good choice of wholesome and premium food outlets, not junk food. There is a new gym just up the road, so does this development proposal ruin their business model? There is already a child care Centre near McDonalds. We need a good food shopping centre, personally we are now traveling from Somersby to Erina Fair as there is better quality and choice and a Harris Farm. Coles West Gosford used to be good but it has slowly been getting worse and organic choices are very limited. West Gosford is the closest Coles for Somersby residents. A lot of people shop at the Sunday markets for fruit and veg now. We definitely need a flat car park with plenty of parking, especially in peak times.

  31. Warwick commented

    Whilst i agree that another Hungry Jacks is not needed, you can't just have lots kf coffee shps, and fresh food outlets. You need a draw card to pull the people in and then they will stop for coffee, shop atr fresh food outlets. Look at The 2 Ewes, the impression i get is they are struggling (sales, buy one get one half price efc). A new complex means rents/leases will cost more, so sma business will struggle even more. You only have to look at the businesses that have closed over the last 5 years.

  32. M B commented

    A gym and child care is good. The coast is growing exponentially and there isn’t enough child care. There are zero vacancies locally so I agree it’s a good idea. However, fast food, seriously? We are facing an obesity epidemic as a nation and you want to add to it? Harris Farm, an upmarket deli..that’s what the area wants. Flat and undercover parking. Green spaces and sustainable practices.You put junk in and it’s asking for trouble in regards to rubbish and loitering. Have you even considered a family style restaurant? The area is teeming with young families! Think outside the box please, the coast is a changing area and it’s time to pull this precinct into the present.

  33. Evan Nicholas commented

    This development is not needed. All comments about fast food outlets are relevant. We need something more. How many many shops have been vacated over the last couple of years. They need to be reinstated - bank, dry cleaners, fish& chips, a restaurant, bakery and others. Wouldn't go near Hungry Jacks any time.

  34. Brian commented

    As a local resident who lives 2 minutes from this shopping centre, we have to agree with everyone else. NO HUNGRY JACKS. There is a plethora of fast food places on the main highway. SAY NO TO THIS.

    What the West Gosford Shopping centre needs are SEVERAL family-friendly restaurants, cafes, a gym, a Commonwealth Bank, a bakery, nail salon, hairdresser, dry cleaners, etc.

    The facelift will be FANTASTIC for the West Gosford/Point Clare suburbs, but please, please NO HUNGRY JACKS. It is completely UNESSESARY. And will stop many more worthwhile businesses from taking up a lease while attracting COMPLETELY THE WRONG ELEMENT TO THE SUBURB. Because what restaurant or shop of any quality/stature/etc would want to be next to a Hungry Jacks? Leave the fast food outlets for the Central Coast Highway. Let's give this new West Gosford shopping centre some CLASS, STYLE and SUBSTANCE.

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