176 Quarry Rd Ryde NSW 2112

Consolidation of two lots to create one lot and construction of 100 Place childcare centre

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 10 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Ryde, reference LDA2019/0328)


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  1. Robert Bagala commented

    Fantastic idea & a great concept that we need more of in our ever growing community of young families

  2. Jennie Minifie commented

    I do not support the proposed 100 space child care centre as it will require children to be transported primarily by private car adding to the traffic and increasing congestion on Quarry Road, especially during the morning and evening peak traffic times.
    The intersection of Lane Cove Road and Quarry Road is already often at capacity during the afternoon peak, causing the queuing of vehicles wanting to turn left and then do the right turn at Goulding Road.
    Does the Council or the RMS have guidelines for the siting of childcare centres? There are many locations which would be more suitable to accommodate a large childcare centre in Ryde, with less impacts.

  3. Y Shan commented

    While Childcare centers are in high demand, I agree with the previous comment that the proposed location is extremely inappropriate due to the local traffic condition and safety hazard.

    The intersection of Lane Cove Road and Quarry Road has already at its full capacity during the peak time, resulting in the queue from the intersection up to 176 Quarry Rd Ryde (nearly 300-400 meters long) every day - please come and have a look!!!

    Quarry Road has only ONE lane each way. Private cars to the childcare will have no places to park on street and will further increase congestion and block all other cars behind when turning right into the Childcare - keep in mind Quarry Road is very busy.

    Given all these traffic issues and the busyness of the road, such location of the proposed childcare will significantly increase the hazard of pedestrian safety should parents and kids walk to the childcare center when parking the car around.

    Thus, the approval of the childcare center in such a location will turn out to be a completely WRONG decision by ignoring the wellbeing of the whole local area and overlooking the critical safety hazards, given numerous alternative locations in Ryde.

  4. Lorraine Russo commented

    I oppose this development of a child care centre on Quarry Rd. Quarry Rd is already operating at full capacity with peak hours in the morning and afternoon horrendous. Often the queue of vehicles to Lane Cove Rd intersection reaches Gardiner Ave (south side) and Aeolus St (north side) at school opening and closing hours. How could such a street accomodate further traffic caused by vehicles entering and leaving a child care centre. Quarry Rd is a narrow road with double centre lines so overtaking a queue of cars slowing down to enter the child care centre is not possible. There would be a further bank up of traffic in both directions of Quarry Road. This is a ludicrous development and Council, if they are serious about overdevelopment in the area, should refuse this application. There is already going to be a major influx of traffic during school pick up times by the construction of the new school in nearby Smalls Road.

  5. M La Caria commented

    I do support the childcare centre, We
    live locally and have recently become grandparents with 5 children living locally need childcare centres in walking distance instead of using our vehicles to drop off and pick up ! Keep jn mind the primary school around the corner ! suits us !

  6. Michael Gambino commented

    I support this development.new development,looks great and we need more,as we have 2 young children

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