382-388 Botany Road Beaconsfield NSW 2015

Use of premises as a restricted premises retail adult shop with primary access from Botany Road and associated alterations. Proposed trading hours are 9.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Saturday inclusive and 10.00am to 8.00pm Sunday.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2019/991)


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  1. Bernadette Burke commented

    Please no! This whole Green Square area is being touted as a family and community friendly area with lots of family friendly amenities including the new library, aqua centre and the shops and restaurants of the Infinity development. An adult retail shop with a shopfront on Botany Road virtually opposite all of the above is a shocking

  2. Daniel commented

    This business is not suitable for the area anymore. In its current location its playing loud music all day to try get customers in. It also puts several posters up outside the building and posters across from it.

    I dont for a second believe they will keep to the advertising as described.

    There are also families living next to this business a few doors down, behind in the lane, and across the road. Completely unsuitable to the area now, more so in this high visibility spot.

  3. M Boothroyd commented

    Not sure why the advertisement on this application shows a sweets cake shop? This could make many who see the planning alert flick past it and now be concerned. However, if they know it is an adult shop and the picture depicts that they may want to comment.
    It's location should be questioned as is stated by others this is supposed to be a suburban family friendly area now.

  4. Suzanne R commented

    As a local property owner and resident within a block from this proposal, I object to this proposal to move the business to the new address. I have no issue with the nature of the business as they have a legal right to operate but I don't believe this location is appropriate.

    The new address is directly next to many local businesses such as a dentist, cafe/coffee roaster and architectural product suppliers. The area is becoming renowned as the 'new Surry Hills' and businesses of this nature should not be allowed next to businesses that may be frequented by children. The local businesses have spent substantial money on shop fit-touts and have been long-term to their locations, so as one of those owners I would be devastated if an adult store opened directly above their shops.

    The business currently has poor taste images of females and loud advertising material on the premises at Johnson St/Botany Rd. I believe advertising like this should be vetted as part of the council approval process.

    As the premises is on the second floor, I believe the business will use the current window areas facing Botany Road for further loud and bold advertising material to attract customers.

    The location is also near the Pub (Hotel Rosebery), which concerns me that drunken visits to the business will increase and bring an element to the street that is inappropriate and not in keeping with the growth of a vibrant gentrification of a suburb.

    Other illegal massage parlours have operated in the area on Botany Road, and I have witnessed seedy clientele parking directly near my home to visit the businesses. It is reasonable that the business stays in a more industrial area rather than a flourishing part of a suburb.

  5. Julia Moran commented

    I strongly object. There is an Adult Sex Shop just down the road on the corner of Johnson and Botany Road, Why do we need another one in Beaconsfield. You are ruining this once peaceful area and it will attract even more unwanted visitors. The Transport and Roads are already full, and we always get that old one that people will ride their bikes. Well they don't, they just clog everything up.

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