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Other applications in the last 2 months within 2 km of Unit 8 40 Coorigil Road Carnegie VIC 3163

  1. 43 Repton Road, Malvern East VIC 3145
    2 days ago, 1.9 kilometres away

    Residential small external renovation under heritage control. I wish to apply to extend existing deck from current 1.6m x 5m out by 1.5m x 5 to total size 3.1x5 m. I also wish to apply to reinstate a window that was removed in a previous renovation in 1990. This window would be for a bathroom so 700x 1920 on the south side wall of property. There are no overlooking issues from neighbouring property as they have no windows on this side

  2. 10 Poplar Grove Carnegie VIC 3163
    6 days ago, 1.1 kilometres away

    Removal of carriageway easements E-1 from 10 Poplar Gr and E-2 from 12 Poplar Gr (previously applied for but only partially grants in GE/PP 30679/2017) The council has approved the realignment of the cross over and building of a carport at the front of 12 Polar Gr to provide off street parking (10 already has a separate cross over and carport at the front) thus the easements will no long be required. The owners of both 10 and 12 Poplar Gr are requesting this so that they can erect a fence along their adjoining boundary to improve the appearance and more importantly the security of their properties.

  3. 40 Serrell Street, Malvern East VIC 3145
    7 days ago, 1.6 kilometres away

    Secondary Consent Amendment to approved plans - to change the shading device to satisfy condition 1f of the planing permit. We originally nominated louvre shutters, however, we wish to change this device to external vertical blinds. We note that the delegate report also suggests using vertical blinds as an option for satisfying the shading requirements. External shutters are very difficult to use where applied to the external face of first floor bedroom windows as the windows can only be opened to a max 125mm (restricted requirements under the building code). This mens it is almost impossible to extend an arm out of the opening to operate the shutters. A vertical blind can be operated remotely and is more likely to be used for the intended purpose of controlling the sun.

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