657 Victoria Road Melrose Park NSW 2114

Development Application - 657-661 Victoria Road & 4-6 Wharf Road MELROSE PARK NSW 2114 - Section 4.55(1A) modification to approved residential flat buildings including revisions to substation location, vehicular entry, external stair and single apartment layout.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/1157/2016/E)


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  1. Gladys commented

    Wow another over developed area already in a congested area. What are the traffic management plans for easing the congestion on Victoria Road? Why aren't there more car spaces when it says 1077 dwellings? Who is the brains behind this with 277 residential and only 318 total spots? There is no train stations in the area so they'll be driving mostly as buses aren't the best.

  2. P. Smith commented

    The TMAP for the area is a joke as is the overall development. Has Ryde Council and current Melrose Park residents been properly consulted. We don't seem to.
    count. But we will fight this. Seems Parramatta Council and Developers don't get it . Melrose Park is not a new suburb. It has been in Ryde LGA since the 1940s. You stole our name and atw are now trying to impose a development which impacts on our lifestyle but brings no financial rewards to the real residents of Melrose Park. Bring it on
    We are garnishing the legal and financial resorced to fight development which ignores us.

  3. B. Shirley commented

    Does the council really care about the lack of adequate parking, the huge increase in traffic on an already over congested Victoria Road and the ridiculous traffic bank up at West Ryde. Have the councillors tried getting through West Ryde particularly on the weekend? Where are these new residents going to shop? It won't be in Parramatta but West Ryde. There have been physical altercations in Dickson Avenue West Ryde with traffic jams in Ryde Council's stupid diversion of traffic down an extremely narrow Dickson Avenue which remains a two way street leading to the shopping centre. Now they want to use Bellevue Avenue as an additional route to Eastwood. Can you believe it? The NSW state government is allowing further high rise in West Ryde with 7 storey buildings right next door to houses. What caring councils and government we have. You have to agree that they care about developers - not residents that's for sure!

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