56 Mill Hill Road Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Modification to add additional solar panels to the front of the roof

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 11 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-346/2017/B)


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  1. Geoffrey commented

    Firstly I recognise the owners' good intentions regarding environmental sustainability & that retention of heritage fabric is impacting on the efficacy of their proposed solar PV system. Despite this, I believe solar panels to the street frontage should not be permitted in a heritage conservation area such as Mill Hill Road, just as other design decisions such as roof material, dormer windows that impact on the public domain are subject to heritage controls. Bondi Junction is increasingly affected by intense development on our doorstep & it is the unique heritage character of pockets such as Mill Hill Road which must be protected, as they are in adjacent areas such as Woollahra & Paddington. An erosion of heritage value will create both financial & cultural loss for residents in the medium-long term.

  2. Ernie Lee commented

    I have lived on Mill Hill Rd for 63 years. I can't see how solar panels on a terrace roof will detract from the heritage fabric of the area. Except when on the other side of the street, the roofs are generally above the line of sight. Dormers and skylights already detract from the visual amenity of the roofs on the street.

    The proposal should be approved and supported for its environmental benefits.

  3. Carly Hydes commented

    As an interested member of the local community, I am puzzled as to why heritage features could be said to trump environmental sustainability concerns. 16 councils in NSW have declared a climate emergency, but apparently the obscured view of a late 1800s roof is more important than this?

    Surely, if the council is committed to environmentally responsible governance and planning, the application should be approved?

  4. Sam Towndrow commented

    I live on Ruthven street where there are a number of houses with visible solar panels on their street facing roofs.

    These can be seen from the street, and do not detract from the heritage fabric of the street or its visual amenity.

    Rather, the visual message that these items promote is that their owners are making a positive contribution towards reducing fossil fuel consumption. If anything, a solar panel facade should be recognised for this positive step towards reducing climate change.

  5. J Gower commented

    While the streetscape of Bondi Junction is certainly changing, this does not mean that heritage areas need to be kept static at the expense of environmental sustainability improvements.

    What is the point of making new houses comply with environmental measures through BASIXs and other requirements when heritage planning concerns require early period houses to otherwise remain powered in the era during which they were built?

    These concerns can be balanced: by keeping heritage facades, but allowing for necessary improvements in accordance with everyone’s environmental responsibilities. Such improvements don’t detract from, but add to, the value of our houses.

    Waverley Council needs to make a commitment to climate change and support more solar proposals.

  6. Chiara Bellinato commented

    As a resident of Mill Hill Rd, I support my neighbours efforts to behave responsibly toward the environment. In this era of climate crisis Waverley Council must make a commitment to supporting these type of necessary improvements to heritage homes.

  7. Mandy M commented

    As a long standing resident of Mill Hill road I have no concerns with our neighbours installing solar panels. This has many benefits for the environment. Solar panels won’t detract from the heritage of the street

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