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Other applications in the last 2 months within 2 km of 7 Henry Street Parramatta NSW 2150

  1. 1A Fleet Street North Parramatta NSW 2151
    1 day ago, 1.3 km away

    Development Application - Re-instatement of the Front Garden of the Norma Parker Centre/Kamballa site and installation of the Parramatta Girls Industrial School (Parragirls) Memorial; Conservation of the northern section of the Fleet Street Palisade Fence that marks most of the east boundary of the Norma Parker Centre/Kamballa site; and Demolition of a number of non-significant and intrusive buildings and other structures within the Solitary Cell Block Enclosure (Artisans’ Yard) of the Cumberland Hospital (East Campus) site.

  2. 116 Macquarie Street Parramatta NSW 2150
    8 days ago, 780 m away

    Development Application - 116 Macquarie Street and 7 Charles Street, PARRAMATTA - Section 4.55(2) modification to approved 48 storey mixed use tower development, specifically modifications to ground floor, facade, communal areas, apartment mix and car parking arrangements. The original application was Nominated Integrated development under the Water Management Act 2000 and the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974. This application will be determined by the Sydney Central City Planning Panel.

  3. 65 - 75 Macquarie Street Parramatta NSW 2150
    9 days ago, 1.1 km away

    Development Application - 65-75 Macquarie Street, Parramatta NSW 2150 - Section 4.55(1A) modification of DA/501/2009 for the use of the ground floor for a herbal health clinic including acupuncture, remedial massage and herbal consultations with associated signage. Modifications include internal renovations and a change to the light box signage at the front of the premises to read "Medihope Allied Health Phsio | Chiro | Podiatry | ACU | Massage | Herbs".

  4. 13 Aird Street Parramatta NSW 2150
    14 days ago, 1.5 km away

    Development Application - Section 4.55(2) modification of DA/340/2019 for demolition of all existing structures; construction of a 35 storey mixed use development comprising one basement level carpark, ground floor retail and building services, five above ground car park levels, commercial floor area, communal open space on a podium and rooftop level and 104 residential apartments. The modifications include increasing floor space ratio, altering the building services location, deleting the mechanical turntable, modifying the location of the OSD tank, modifying services and structural layout, increasing plant areas on roof, window modifications and modifying unit layouts. The application is to be determined by the Sydney Central City Planning Panel.

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