2 Beach Way, Sapphire Beach NSW 2450

Centre-based childcare facility and kiosk (change of use, involving demolition, alterations and additions)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 20 days ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Coffs Harbour City Council, reference 0164/20DA)


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  1. Kevin commented

    Not comfortable with the increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic; there is no arterial road in; this is a public park area for general use not to be privatised as a childcare centre

  2. Chris Kingston commented

    The proposed development of a child care centre means a loss of car parking, loss of community, increase in traffic in a family oriented community and an increase in noise.
    The proposal means losing car parking spaces and an increase in traffic flow and volume.
    The present development itself has very limited parking availability, to the point that people park on verges and roads-infringement notices for vehicles are often served and parking is dangerous in corners etc.
    If the proposed development goes ahead, visitors to the community park and locals will have nowhere to park-leading to further congestion and dangerous road conditions.
    An increase in traffic, and no arterial road, will mean that a greater danger is posed for the large amounts children in this family friendly community of Sapphire beach. It will also create very limited parking for locals and visitors to the beach access.
    This will deter the sense of community that the current cafe and park allows the residents of Sapphire beach.
    The plans and proposed development are out of character with the local environment, the sense of community this space creates and the natural beauty of the area. I am against this application and ask the Council to reconsider this application.

  3. Melanie commented

    I believe that a childcare centre won’t provide the gathering space that a cafe/restaurant does. Sapphire Beach benefits from having a community space where all ages can meet.
    People are unlikely to feel comfortable gathering outside a childcare centre.

  4. Rachel commented

    Loosing this space will take from the attractiveness that the area has built. The higher more constant traffic flow will definately make an impact on the one road in one road out situation. The cafe was community purpose built, not to be a child care centre. The area will loose the park playground and bbq areas. This plan does not suit the quiet residential setting.

  5. Sarah commented

    I’m disappointed at the potential loss of the community space which is a special feature of North Sapphire Beach. I am very concerned about the possible increase of traffic likely to occur at exactly the times our local children are walking between homes and bus stops. There are already several corners with poor visibility and inadequate traffic slowing measures and I anticipate safety to be a serious issue.

  6. david malone commented

    I object strongly,
    Its a lovely spot for the community and if repurposed the community looses greatly.
    Parking will be affected
    The park is a community park not for private enterprise
    Small children and cars don't mix.
    This area has many tourists and public toilets so you never know who is there.
    The roads are totally inadequate.
    The whole centre would have to be fenced from the public which would be an eyesore.
    This will destroy the community feel to the whole area.

  7. Lynne Dougherty commented

    The Beachstone Cafe was a HUGE selling point when I bought my land. Like other residents, I have invested a considerable amount of time and money to build a structure and landscaping that complied with the master planned community's rigorous design guidelines. The location of the Beachstone Cafe is perfect in it's current function because it is a gathering point for family and community. Many of the blocks of land within the community are very small and residents do not have sufficient areas of outside space to host visiting family and friends, so the Beachstone Cafe and playground provides an integral part of socialization for many residents. Importantly, the Beachstone Cafe is inclusive of all age groups. The openness and accessibility of the cafe promotes a healthy and happy quality of life for residents. I am a teacher and a parent of four children and caution that proximity of the Beachstone Cafe to the beach makes it highly unsuitable to be used as a child care for the following reasons; the coastal habitat is a breeding ground for the highly venomous Red-bellied Black snake and Eastern Brown snake, both of which are frequently sighted within the vicinity of the cafe and are protected by Australian law under the Conservation Act of 1992. The ratio of supervisory adults in a childcare setting is far fewer than parents monitoring their children at the cafe and playground so the risk of a child coming into contact with a highly venomous snake is increased. My daughter worked at the Beachstone Cafe a few years ago and witnessed a few occasions where people picked up a snake from the grass, close to the building. Another concern is the location of a childcare center so close to the beach board walk access. Having multiple strangers passing by the center and having children in full view of those passing, increases the likelihood of attracting pedophiles to our community. The location next to the beach also increases the possibility of a child wondering off and drowning. Aesthetically, any alteration to the current structure to increase child safety would be unacceptable to the homeowners who purchased their land/homes with the understanding that the Beachstone Cafe structure was purpose built as a cafe and playground to be used as a gathering space for community as a way to offset smaller blocks of land as represented in the in the original masterplan of our North Sapphire Beach community.

  8. Susan commented

    Sapphire beach Estate is unique with its ease for residents/ locals to access a cafe like Beachstone .
    It’s also a hotspot for people visiting Coffs Harbour as the Cafe is linked to a playground .
    I also often see red belly snakes in the area with several being spotted around perimeter of park and bush near car park , which can be dangerous around little ones.

  9. Barbara commented

    Why do we need a childcare centre? There is one nearby at Moonee.
    We purchased our land believing that the cafe and park would always be part of the North Sapphire community. It is very well utilised by locals and visitors. I strongly object to a commercial childcare centre in this space.

  10. Emma Sainsbury commented

    Very disappointing to hear of this application! Beachstone cafe and park would be a major loss to the Sapphire community. Communities need these spaces to build a community and engage with each other. The benefits of these spaces not only impacts on physical activity but also contributes to mental health and other health outcomes for the community. The environments where people choose to live and raise there families has major affects on these outcomes.

  11. David commented

    Very disappointing to hear of this application. The layout of the estate centred around boardwalks and paths to the Beachstone Cafe. The loss of the cafe and what it currently offers the local community and visitors would be a real shame. With plenty of Day care centres already available locally I urge the council to reconsider this application and have some consideration for the residents of North Sapphire who were sold the Dream by developers and envisioned weekends and afternoons at The Cafe with family and friends.

  12. Ken M commented

    This DA application should be denied by Coffs Council quickly & easily.
    In reference to Coffs City Council's Development Contribution plans For the Moonee & Sapphire Areas dated 2015 then recently revised 27 June 2018 (link below) marked 2019 this application for a childcare centre is well outside the past & future plans & requirements for the use of the land & property including adjacent public space.
    Section 4 OPEN SPACE & RECREATION ("having regard to councils adopted open space plan 2010, it is anticipated that a preference for all sporting facilities, passive recreation and neighbourhood parks/playgrounds will existing." " A network of neighbourhood parks is proposed to cater for recreational needs of the additional population. Five additional facilities are proposed, comprising of 3 neighbourhood parks.") so before council try to take/rezone our recreational & meeting place they should best deliver the balance of facilities promised.
    Should you look at the recently disassociated developers (Walkers) website they still have the list of attractions listing Beachstone Cafe as a draw card. This was one of the reasons to buy, build & relocate our family to this exclusive Family & Community orientated beachside area.
    - De-value surrounding properties, parking & access, reduced community space, changed to open space planning, noise and the list goes on for this DA to be denied. If it does proceed further, I'm pretty sure locals are currently excelling at signing petitions to stop our council. (see Coffs Civic Space)


  13. Rachel Kingston commented

    I wish to lodge my concern regarding the application for change of use for Beach Stone Cafe to a child care facility. I believe this change of use would be detrimental to the community, contrary to the plan for the area and does not serve an identified need - unlike the provision of community space that is currently provided in the form of the cafe and playground.
    The Coffs City Council's Development Contribution plans For the Moonee & Sapphire Areas dated 2019 clearly state in Section 4 OPEN SPACE & RECREATION 'having regard to councils adopted open space plan 2010, it is anticipated that a preference for all sporting facilities, passive recreation and neighbourhood parks/playgrounds will exist." The current cafe provides both a passive recreation venue and playground area for members of the community to use. Similarly, the plan states " A network of neighbourhood parks is proposed to cater for recreational needs of the additional population. Five additional facilities are proposed, comprising of 3 neighbourhood parks. The park and cafe provide for the recreation needs of the community - a reason the blocks were smaller because of the provision of community space and facilities. Rezoning Beachstone cafe would remove this essential space and is not in line with the current plan for the area.
    As mentioned by others, the developers website they still has a the list of attractions listing Beachstone Cafe as a draw card. Personally, my family was drawn to this area because of the provision of this facility, creating a hub for this new and growing community. A child care centre is not needed in this area, a large one is present in Moonee Beach and others close by in the Plaza area. Demand is for a community space in which we can enjoy a fullness of life.
    Parking and access can be tricky, with people often having to park on the verge and receiving parking fines. The current plans for change of use also includes removing car parking spaces. With the increased traffic to the area because of this facility (and the danger that this poses to our community) a loss of further car parking spaces is only going to cause further dangers and congestion. The extra noise cause by the development would also impact adversely on the local residents.

    I object strongly to this rezoning and DA and ask the council to deny this application

  14. Ruth Mansell commented

    Extremely disappointed to hear of this application. Our estate is centred around the boardwalks and paths that lead to Beachstone Cafe. This would be a great loss to our local community and to the visitors who come and use this beautiful space.

  15. Lucyna commented

    This is such a shame. This was definitely one of the reasons we bought our place here. An easy walk with two little kids to the playground/ meeting point for lots of mothers and for a coffee and something to eat. Friday’s nights it became a social spot. We need more spaces where you can seat and enjoy your drink whilst your kids are playing.

  16. Tegan commented

    What a waste of such a beautiful area for families and kids to safely play outside. The location is used by hundreds of community members each week. There is already a lack of safe playgrounds on the Coffs Coast away from traffic and to take this away would be a massive loss to the community. I also believe that it would have a negative impact on house prices in the Sapphire Beach Estate as the cafe and grounds are a draw card to reside in the area.

  17. Kayla M commented

    I have great concerns regarding the application for change of use for Beach Stone Cafe to a child care facility. As a resident of Sapphire Beach we purchased and built our home in accordance with very strict guidelines as set our in the master plan. One of the main draw cards for buying in sapphire beach was the appeal of the open spaces and also the attached cafe area. The following is taken directly from the master plan “ Developed with families in mind, North Sapphire Beach features an onsite café and large park which nurture a genuine sense of community. Once complete, the neighbourhood will total 231 home sites.” Changing the purpose of this cafe area will be detrimental to ALL of the residents of the 231 addresses.

    This space is a meeting place for the community, not only sapphire beach residents but other Coffs locals and tourists alike. The change would be detrimental to the community, and there is no need for a child care centre in the area having two large centres at Moonee Beach. There is a great need for community space in sapphire beach given the population increase in recent years and this community space is in the form of an open cafe and play group park area.

    The Coffs City Council's Development Contribution plans For the Moonee & Sapphire Areas dated 2019 clearly state in Section 4 OPEN SPACE & RECREATION 'having regard to councils adopted open space plan 2010, it is anticipated that a preference for all sporting facilities, passive recreation and neighbourhood parks/playgrounds will exist." The current cafe provides both a passive recreation venue and playground area for members of the community to use. Similarly, the plan states " A network of neighbourhood parks is proposed to cater for recreational needs of the additional population. Five additional facilities are proposed, comprising of 3 neighbourhood parks. The park and cafe provide for the recreation needs of the community - a reason the blocks were smaller because of the provision of community space and facilities. Rezoning Beachstone cafe would remove this essential space and is not in line with the current plan for the area.
    In regard to the safety of the area -
    Parking is already difficult in the area and there will undoubtedly be an increase in traffic to the area particularly at peak times of the morning when children and other residents of the area would usually be using the walkways. The increase in traffic will be a danger to our community.
    In regards to having a child care centre so close to the beach is of a great concern. The location is quite secluded and remote without frequent passers by and if it was the case that a child was able to exit the facility then they would almost certainly be drawn to the beach which is only a hundred metres away.
    I also have concerns for the safety of the children given that there are often dangerous and deadly snakes in the area given the bush setting.
    I note that the DA also makes mention of a kiosk that would be open to the public. This is a child safety issue in that peadophiles would be able to essentially attend a child care centre to purchase coffee and sit in a nearby park and watch young children. According to NSW legislation there would be nothing illegal about a person on the child
    Protection register attending a business to purchase coffee. In addition to this as stated previously the area is secluded and this would then make the sapphire park area a haven for such predators to loiter given that they would be able to directly view young children from a close public park right into a child care centre.

    In relation to the fencing of the day care centre, there would not be a suitable solution as all options would be an eyesore to the park area.

    I object strongly to this rezoning and DA and ask the council to deny this application.

  18. Natalie Petrohelos commented

    We regularly holiday in this area and as a family with three children, this park is always a part of our holiday that our children (and we) look forward to. It’s also obviously a wonderful community space, as evidenced by the many local residents who are clearly distraught at potentially losing it. It’s also a reason for people to buy blocks of land and build new homes in the area, which in turn flows back into the Coffs economy. It’s an enormous draw card for Coffs coast tourism and it would be such a shame not only for locals but for tourists who might choose not to visit the area once the park is gone.

  19. Kristy wright commented

    We visit my sister who lives at saphire beach and the existing cafe and play area is a highlight for our family.
    I firmly believe a childcare centre will be detrimental to the current atmosphere.

  20. Lucy Winn commented

    Having a child care centre in this area would be a huge waste of such an amazing open space for recreation in our community. Where else do we have such a great open space which is open to all families where you can eat while watching your children play? As a sapphire beach resident we use the cafe a few times a week and was one of the main reasons for us moving to the area. There are so many places that would suit a child care centre why choose such a beautiful beachside location? It is difficult to find somewhere beachside to have a lunch in Coffs area as it is and now potentially taking away this one. Surely there are many cafe owners if not the current one who would be happy to make a go of this great space.

  21. Lily Bodenham commented

    This is so disappointing. The cafe and public area is what makes North Sapphire appealing and such a beautiful place. This is a community hub. I am concerned what this development will do the property value and appeal as this area is a massive draw card and gathering place for families in the area.

  22. Laura commented

    Will be extremely disappointed if this happens. Beachstone and the park is one of the reasons our family love living here, and I'm sure other residents of Sapphire will feel the same.

  23. Bec W commented

    I strongly object to this application.
    I don’t see why Sapphire Beach requires a childcare centre when there are two quite significant ones at Moonee, not to mention other surrounding areas.
    The location is not at all suitable for a childcare centre due to the in/out senario and the additional traffic that a childcare centre would create would be hugely detrimental to Sapphire Beach as a suburb for many reasons including the safety of residents and their children that are walking to bus stops etc in the peak drop off/pick up hours.
    Please don’t let this go through, it would be a huge mistake!!!

  24. Amy commented

    We chose North Sapphire to build our home purely for the family and community lifestyle that it provides.
    Being able to walk/ride bikes down to the local cafe and park with our family where kids can play and adults can relax with all the facilities the cafe provides. There is NO other cafe/park like this area and it draws in locals and tourists for that reason.
    It makes no sense to give a childcare centre priority to this purposely built space that brings people together and creates a sense of community. The whole of North Sapphire is essentially built and planned around this cafe as the congregational point where everyone meets, has bbqs and birthdays, weddings and special occasions.
    The new cafe operators have done an amazing job of creating a great atmosphere there, where people can come down on the weekend and enjoy live music, good food and good company.
    There are plenty of other places to build a childcare centre that does not take away Sapphire's appeal to locals and tourists.

  25. Lindsay Townsend commented

    Although I am not a frequent patron of the cafe I would hate to lose it or see it converted into a child minding centre. It is a focal point in the area and an adds to its attraction . In short it would put a dagger in the heart of this community.

  26. Genny Herbert commented

    Surely locating a child care centre is against the philosophy of the estate. I’m sure it’s also a fire risk as there is only one access road.
    We holiday in this estate and no coffee shop will change the reason we go there for family holidays.

  27. Miriam Bain commented

    My husband and I have stayed at the caravan park almost next door to this terrific cafe and community space and look forward to visiting it each time we stay at Sapphire Beach. We cant believe this is happening! If it ain't broken, don't try and fix it. The staff are fantastic and the community area is a unique one which we have never had the pleasure of one like it anywhere we have travelled in Australia. Its a hidden gem that we can't believe that the council would do this. The mind boggles with the reason behind it !!

  28. S commented

    NO,NO, NO! I highly object to this proposal of a childcare facility in our area. Beachstone cafe and playground is the hub of our community and all paths lead to this wonderful space where we can all meet, eat and socialize together.
    There is absolutely no need for a childcare centre in this area when we already have ones available in moonee and korora.
    Not to mention the fact that the increased traffic flow and parking capabilities would be horrendous on an already strained single road in and out of the park area.
    This will not only be detrimental to our community but also to our lifestyles in the northern sapphire estate!

  29. Kirralee Walter commented

    This is already an extremely popular meeting spot for the community, for families and kids parties. It’s a favorite of ours and it’d be extremely disappointing if this was replaced for another childcare centre. I believe there are plenty of other spots for a centre if this is so needed, that won’t impact on an already successful & popular community hotspot.

  30. Philip Talbot commented

    This DA is not in keeping with the original Master Plan approved by CHCC. I’m not involved in the Child Care industry but I believe there are already plenty of places available at existing facilities so another one will not only have a negative impact on them, but more importantly detract from the amenity that attracted us all to North Sapphire Estate. Listen up fellow residents, once Beachstones is gone, it’s gone forever.

  31. Emma Matthews commented

    This would be a devastating loss to this area & community. It would be a real shame to change the space into a childcare centre. I think it would seem strange to have a kiosk alongside, I don’t think people would want to gather outside or next to a child care centre. I know I wouldn’t! The two just don’t go together.

    This is a public park and it is just wonderful the way it is. It draws families from all areas. It is really unique & there are not many, if any, spots like this in this area. Its a super safe place for taking young children. A meeting spot for lots of young families and friends.

    I think changing this to a childcare centre would be detrimental to the mental health of mothers & caregivers who rely on this safe space and use it as an outlet to take their children.

    I don’t see why a childcare centre would need to be situated so close to the beach either! The public & community benefit far more from keeping it just the way it is.

    I strongly disagree with this application.

  32. Guy commented

    I will NOT support or send my children to the child care centre if it is approved. I have and will continue patronage of the cafe. This would totally wreck the community and atmosphere of Sapphire which is a really special place and rarity.

  33. Rory commented

    My family and I moved to the North Sapphire Estate a couple of years ago. The Beachstone Cafe and kids play area was a major draw card. We believe this Cafe has increased the value of our family home. The Cafe amongst other things was also a reason as to why the land was more expensive for us to purchase in the first place. North Sapphire Estate is a unique Estate as it has multiple parks, boardwalks, a beach and a great Cafe. What more could you want? I will NOT support or send my children to the child care centre. We send our children to another amazing child care centre which is ONLY 1 kilometre down the road in Moonee Beach.

  34. Patricia L. commented

    My spouse and I are frankly very disappointed that consideration would even be given to establishing a childcare centre where the café currently stands. We only moved to the area nine months ago, and as I searched locally around Coffs in the weeks prior for a place to live, the café was the clincher. It is not just a café operating during business hours on weekdays, but a handy spot for dog-walkers to grab a coffee while enjoying the purpose-built boardwalks that lead to it, a place for families with young kids to enjoy the playground, and as a weekend evening dining out and live music entertainment option too. It is also the ONLY sit-down dining/coffee venue within walking distance from our home, less than twenty minutes at a leisurely stroll from the far edge of North Sapphire. There are already two childcare centres in Moonee (an extremely short drive away for anybody local) plus other facilities in the other direction not much further away, and let’s admit it - when did you last see parents walking their children to childcare? They don’t, they all drive and drop them off as they head for work, so traffic on a small road, the only access and egress road, that already has very limited parking will become an even more pressing issue. Fencing around a childcare centre is never anything other than an eyesore, and a coffee kiosk will be just as accessible to paedophiles, with the convenience of a park to loiter in while children play closely. I hope greed doesn’t trump common sense, and that Council will acknowledge that a community outlet like Beachstone Café is a tremendous asset, not just to the café’s operators, but to the entire community.

  35. Mario Newman commented

    A Unique Family Friendly café in Coffs Harbour area especially important to the residents of the growing Northern Beaches area. My wife and I regularly walk to the beachstone café with our 2 grand kids , now 7 & 9 years old, for more than 3 years. They love an Ice Cream and we enjoy our coffee while being able to keep a watchful eye on them playing in the adjacent park. We also have regular family dinners there mainly during summer months during daylight saving for the same reason, safe for kids.
    By the way there is a child minding center only 5 minutes drive away at Moonee Beach so another one so close is not warranted.

    If this development goes ahead its a terrible betrayal by the developer who used the attraction of the Café as a sales pitch to attract buyers to this estate. The loss of the Café could potentially devalue the real estate in the immediate area. Council must ask us the Rate Payers for their opinion before granting approval.

    I Vote a Definite "NO".

  36. Stephen and Lois Austin commented

    You cannot be serious, Cougle investments. The Beachstone cafe is a fantastic place in a fantastic setting. great for families, their children, visitors and mothers groups. People have birthday parties, barbecues in the park. the cafe organises music bands engagements and all sorts of events. you have to reserve a table most of the time as it is that busy. a preschool is totally inappropriate for this site. We need the cafe!!!

  37. Andrew Simons commented

    No DA please - I respectfully request that council deny the application to change the zoning associated with the DA for the Beachstone Cafe.
    The cafe is a drawcard and an essential part of the fabric of the North Sapphire Beach community.
    Visitors to the area are in awe of the facility when they first visit the site and residents depend upon it as a vital part of their ongoing family life.
    Such a precious commodity to the community must be valued and preserved by Coffs Harbour Council - not taken away.

    Thank you

  38. John K commented

    I would like to add my voice to objecting to the DA currently with CHCC regarding changing the use of the Beachstone Cafe from Cafe to Child Care Center.

    As the other people before me have indicated, this space was designated by the developer for the community of North Sapphire Beach as a gathering space for community and social bonding, and this was a major factor in my family choosing to live here.

    The Cafe has fostered a bond in this community and it is a very important aspect that CHCC is required to examine with a DA. Whilst I'm sure Cougle & Petersen Consulting Group's have meet many of the statutory requirements for a child care center to satisfy a DA, they leave one important part out. The spirit and sense of community that this space has and continue to provide with a Cafe / Park.

    The Moonee commercial space have 2 child care centers only 5 minutes from Sapphire Beach. Do we need a third here ? I am not aware of the demand for more as the Traffic Impact Assessment - Weaver Consulting has pointed out. (Not sure how an objective traffic assessment incorporates an subjective comment)

    Please consider the views of the people of Sapphire Beach Estate and how this space is managed.

  39. Jamie commented

    Please NO! I take my children to this park all the time, if it becomes a child care facility it will not be well accepted by anyone i know.

  40. Coralie cherrett commented

    When we visited sapphire beach we felt the cafe and play park were such a special part of the community. It would be a massive shame for them to loose this. It was what made the area stand out.

  41. Benjamin mansell commented

    No thank you. The residents are made up of parents with young families or grandparents. The public park is such an important part of the residential community. Please do not change it.
    Being this far out of COFFS it is so essential to have a service that we can walk to. The cafe and park provide this. Take it away and we will be forced to drive somewhere which will add traffic to the road.

  42. Kristle McKinnon commented

    Please keep this park/cafe as is. It is a wonderful place for families and their children. Would be such a shame to lose it. A child care facility will bring too much traffic and there is not enough parking for such a facility.

  43. Julia and Jonathan commented

    What a loss this would be to the community.
    I visit my family who live here and walk with the children to this wonderful hub of the community.
    What a terrible shame it would be to lose this.
    Surely it would be so short sighted to pass this as the impact on the traffic and community life would be huge.

  44. Kate commented

    It would be a travesty to turn Beachstone into a child care centre. In fact, I vote we turn more child care centres in cafes.
    If parents require the outsourcing of raising their own children, perhaps they should consider family day care and leave the decent cafes alone.

  45. Jeremy commented

    No thanks, Please leave it the way it is,
    A truly unique Cafe and Park, so close to beach, There isn't another spot in whole north coast like it.
    Where else can parents enjoy a meal and their kids can play within view.
    Our kids love the park there, and anything that gets them away from technology has to be good.
    Surely this was approved as Cafe when the whole of the subdivision was submitted years ago. Whats Changed?
    Hopefully this application is denied.

  46. Jo Roberts commented

    We have had the great pleasure of visiting this area with our kids several times in the past few years and the playpark and cafe have been brilliant. They were well attended and used by others in the community so it would be a real shame if they had to close.

  47. Hamish Cherrett commented

    This development would be a huge loss to the community that has grown up around this hub. It's very hard to see how the change would benefit and with so many families living around here it seems madness to permit such a development.

  48. Sam Webber commented

    After visiting my family, it is clear that this space is used as a hub for the community living around it. Would be a real shame to take that away. It's a place for families to meet up to allow adults and children to socialise. This can't happen

  49. Katlin commented

    I object strongly to this rezoning and DA and ask the council to deny this applicatioN.

  50. Afia Kharouf commented

    The removal of this hub would highly disadvantage the residents if this area. Its a place that gives the families living in the area a sense of community and its a place that brings many people together.
    Additionally, having a childrencare facility there would worsen traffic and there are many areas available for this purpose! There is no need to take something so pivotal to the community away.

  51. Sam Sufferin commented

    This is a special area to a lot of people and of high importance to the local community. I visit frequently when staying with relatives nearby and it is always busy, with a real community feel. It acts as a meeting place for people of all ages and will be such an inconvenience for those having to go elsewhere if it changes. In my opinion it would also take away from the appeal of the area for future buyers.

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