2 Invermay Road Invermay TAS 7248

Education and Occasional care - Construction of library building and student support facilities incorporating workspaces, informal learning study areas, meeting rooms, cafe and student service facilities; Demolition of northern annex of existing stone building, removal of existing car park associated kerbing and plant beds and five Lombardy Poplar trees, utilities including substation, gas enclosures and relocation of existing kilns (CT174633/2)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 11 months ago. It was received by them 2 months earlier.

(Source: Launceston City Council, reference DA0315/2019)

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  1. Lisa Walkden commented

    I'm objecting to the University of Tasmania Launceston campus moving from Newnham to Invermay for the following reasons. 

     Invermay is already congested with busy roads ending with  a confluence of many vehicles into a narrow bridge.

    Invermay is in a flood zone and any building works will be complicated by the high water table and having to do much structural future proofing to ensure that the university is not affected by 100-year floods which in future due to climate change will be more regular events.

    The Inveresk university has inadequate parking spaces for academia staff and students.

    The university at Inveresk is only 4 kilometres closer to the GPO than the existing Newnham University. 

    It is not beneficial for a university to be moved to assist the central business district of a city at the expense of the Mowbray Precinct which has a great mix of small businesses catering to the university population. 

    The University of Tasmania is situated in an area of lower socioeconomic households and it's location is a beacon of hope for many people in that area. The populations that rent and live in the area whilst they are studying makes it a more ethnically, socially, economically diverse and for a healthy population. 

     The infrastructure, sports facilities, accommodation and the grounds at the University of Tasmania at Newnham are established and more than adequate for the population that uses the buildings. It is co-located with the Maritime College and is a Centre of Excellence.

    The Launceston City Council does not have enough money to remediate the sewerage and silt problem of its North, South Esk and Tamar Rivers Basin and the relocation of the university 4 km closer to the city will funnel funding away from this much more pressing project.

     When we are already being affected by a climate crisis the inbuilt carbon that exist in the current University at Newnham will be wasted. The new build's construction using materials that require a lot of fossil fuels in cement, steel and aluminium are not actions of an environmentally responsible organisation.

    Whilst I am an alumni of the University of Tasmania it is becoming voracious with its future planning by taking over the centre of Hobart city and the already fantastic and well utilised Inveresk area.

    I don't think it fits with the purview of being part of a balanced community when its project of moving the university from existing location into the Inveresk area seems to be doing the opposite of what the community wants.

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