218 Memorial Avenue, Ettalong Beach NSW 2257

Construction of 7 Storey Mixed Use Commercial & Residential Building

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Central Coast Council (Gosford), reference 012.2016.00049118.006)


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  1. Horrified by what is being done to the area commented

    I object to this development and so should the council if it cares about the voting and rate paying residents in this area. Enough is enough.

    7 STOREY.

    Shame on you and shame on this council that it now has a reputation for considering these monstrosities in a VILLAGE area.

    This can not be approved, the local residents deserve better and should expect to have their quality of life, properties and environment protected by the council and the laws in place for development.

    I object.

    this is an insult to the residents of the area.
    7 storey is over the tree line
    7 storey will destroy the community and village atmosphere
    7 storey will take light from neighbouring properties
    7 storey will over crowd and add to the already congested region

    7 storey DOES NOT meet the requirement to stay within the village atmosphere of Ettalong or Umina area.

    Has light pollution to the bay been considered in environmental impacts assessments of these developments?

    Broken Bay is home to the largest remaining penguin population in the region. Light pollution is well documented to impact breeding seabirds such as penguins.

    Has the preservation of this colony of little penguins been considered by council in approving development above the treeLine which will substantially add to light pollution of the waterways and bay?

  2. Bill commented

    This is ludicrous and doesn’t fit with what the council says that are going to do. Seven stories will completely decimate the skyline and change the character of the Main Street of Ettalong. Why are they trying to turn the Penisula into the gold coast. How are the streets/public transport supposed to cope with this number of additional people, the streets are already crowded

  3. Rob B commented

    the 7storey is already there next to a 9storey. they look great. gives the Ettalong skyline a visual appeal. these developments are located in the commercial zone which is allowed to go to these heights.

  4. Rob B commented

    Guys this application is about the existing 7 storey Atlantis building which is now completed. You dont even know what your complaining about. Automatic mode?
    These developments are ALLOWED to be built! they are located within the commercial zone!!! go winge about something else. Its 2019, Ettalong aint a village anymore. look out the window! Its progress.!
    Lots of ill-informed people , 7 storeys is 21m high, much lower then a gum tree which is normally 30m. Im quite sure a lowrise building of 7storeys wouldnt harm the local penguin population.???

  5. Lesley commented

    I commented on the plans for this site months ago when it was for a hotel with a roof-top bar, rooms facing west, party noise, lack of shade trees and parking etc etc.
    So .... who would buy a flat opposite Diggers and behind Atlantis with rooms/balconies still facing the setting sun in a suburb officially rated as the hottest on the Central Coast?
    Councillors - CCC can do better fir all who value our village.
    Please think again.

  6. Janice McDougall commented

    What a disgraceful looking building if councillors allow this they are getting worse These shocking buildings are ruining our beautiful central coast. What next. I hate to think.

  7. Rob B commented

    More highrise means more shade ,since its hottest suburb on central coast,
    perfect solution.
    Ettalong aint no village anymore. maybe 50 years ago, its a thriving suburb with lots of potential for tourism.
    The commercial core is allowed to build highrise, and thats why developers are planning and submitting applications.great for the future of the suburb.!

  8. Dani commented

    Avoca, Copacabana, McMasters, Saratoga, Wamberal,, Foresters, etc
    these are some of the best performing and most desirable suburbs in the entire country. Value is going up in these areas, demand is high, people want these locations as places they value to raise a family, spend time, and have a high quality of life. They are also the places tourists now want to go because they deliver high quality experience and peace of mind that their visit is worth the money.

    Umina, Ettalong, Woy Woy - all going down and fast. Last I saw ~ -9% in 1 year and not recovering. That’s a substantial loss in value compared to suburbs only a few kms away that have gained close to 10% value in the same time. In this time residents have become increasingly angry about what has happened around their homes, properties and investments in the area.

    On the peninsula the suburbs went from places of rapidly increasing value and high demand, due to the quality of life. Places that became highly valued and places people wanted to live in. To suburbs people no longer place value on, don’t want to live and don’t want to holiday in.

    As the trajectory of overcrowding and social issues continue the peninsula will continue to loose value and loose residents.
    As the trajectory of overcrowding, social issues and destruction of the environment continues tourism also declines.

    What will be left to support the local economy when everything of value has been sold short?

    People recognise value, society is extremely connected now. The reputation of an area is built on how much value is placed on it by its residents and council.

    The future of the peninsula is being eroded by shortterm-ism and greed.

  9. Chantelle p commented

    I’m confused, 218,216,220 has its own DA for a hotel with 5 levels..
    What is this DA for now? or is this the existing building of Atlantis which is already built. When I proceed to the council website it is showing the esplanade number 49, which I’m assuming is the old motel site next to Atlantis, as Atlantis is 47??? Please confirm sites.

  10. rob b commented

    Its the completed Atlantis building.
    some people dont understand how to read applications

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