68 Denistone Rd Denistone NSW 2114

Demolition, tree removal, consolidation and two lot subdivision and construction of a dwelling on each lot.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Ryde, reference LDA2019/0277)


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  1. Ruth Perram commented

    This is a beautiful home which clearly has heritage significance as recognised by Ryde City Council. In terms of having maintained its historical architectural integrity and curtilage it is an outstanding example of a home of this period. Its demolition would be a absolute loss to the history of our suburb.

  2. Clr Bernard Purcell commented

    I am not sure how this has come to demolition in light of the interim heritage orders put on the property.

    A very sad loss of significant architecture.

  3. Rob Bruce commented

    The proposed development is minor.

    The property is typical of many in the area, council has undertaken multiple heritage reviews in the past ten years and has not recognised this property as anything significant.

    Given that, the likelihood of a major development with a significant number of apartments across multiple levels has long been a risk. The proposal for a “two lot subdivision and construction of a dwelling on each lot” is, in these times, not just a very minor level of development but also a level of development that prevents any further major development of what must surely be an attractive site to developers.

  4. Jennie Minifie for Ryde Community Alliance commented

    I object to the development. It is not environmentally sustainable and also, it is not in the public interest. However, the Ryde LEP permits Torrens title subdivision of lots of 580m2 and above, with 20 metre frontage, thereby encouraging redevelopment of most of Ryde’s existing housing stock for dual dwellings. Also, the Ryde DCP allows trees within 4 metres of a dwelling, pool or carport to be cut down without approval. Despite repeated requests to the Council to repeal both of these provisions, developments such as this are continuing unabated. The Council has responsibility to protect our heritage which could be achieved by heritage listing, excluding sensitive areas from these two flawed controls and limiting the development potential to what is already existing. Ie single dwelling.

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