124 Essex Street, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044

Construction of five double storey dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 12 months ago. It was received by them 6 months earlier.

(Source: Moreland City Council, reference MPS/2019/70)


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  1. Nic commented

    Given the already crowded traffic and parking on the st, Turing one dwelling into 5 is going to severely impact this area. There are already a number of single to multi developments and this is overcrowding.

  2. Steve commented

    The road is too narrow on this part of Essex St for all these townhouses. There are far too many cars already and how would emergency services get down the street if needed? I can hardly get my sedan past people who have double parked some days. 5 townhouses x 2 cars per house = likely 10 more cars around the street plus more visitors too.

  3. Lucy commented

    This is a beautiful example of a Californian bungalow from the turn of the century with much of the original external features intact. It will be a huge cultural loss to the area if we lose yet another of these great dames. Why does the council provide heritage protection to the majority of buildings from the 1800s but not to excellent examples from the 1900s as well? I understand the need for more medium density housing. Given the size of the block, a well thought out plan could surely offer two new properties at the rear without impacting the original property.

  4. Daniela R commented

    The parking really is becoming an issue, all the way through to Sussex. No building should be approved anymore anywhere on Essex Street without adequate parking spots off street. Pretty much every time I pull the car out of our driveway to go somewhere - and we are towards the park end of the street, I need to wait and let cars come down all the way from Cumberland to Gyles St. Cars are parked bumper to bumper on street and there's no space to pull in and let anyone pass. And yes, seconding Lucy, 124 is a beautiful house. Certainly needs work but renovating the existing house and building another couple in the back would have been a much better outcome. Especially given that so many townhouses, along Fawkner for example, do not seem to sell - perhaps there is more demand for a different type of housing, accommodating families with kids?

  5. Janet Vaina commented

    I had an issue with an emergency vehicle not having access to my driveway in Essex Street. We are being so crowded out. Why should I have to move when I've lived in the area for 35 years

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