156 Glenayr Avenue Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Demolition of existing structures and construction of a four storey shop top housing building containing a cafe on the ground floor with 6 residential apartments above

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-257/2019)


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  1. M Hughes commented

    Dear Council
    I do not think further 4 storey buildings in this area are appropriate. We cannot fill the shop fronts we already have and there is not enough parking anyway. I view this kind of application as over development and do not feel enough detail has been incorporated into this application to be acceptable.

  2. Steve Back commented

    I object to this building in a number of ways. It feels like over development and similar design already knocked back. This is hardly a great improvement.

    1. Most importantly. Loss of privacy in my apartment and balcony looming over mine.

    I own an apartment next door in 154 Glenayr Avenue. My apartment is top right as you look from the street. The top apartment balcony in this building is above my balcony level and affords a view straight into my bedroom area and balcony as well as blocking light and views from balcony in that direction. This is unacceptable. At least in previous incarnation balcony was set back to avoid this. This is also a security risk for me.

    2. Building is out of keeping with neighbourhood, overbearing front canopy and frankly is not an attractive building. . To fit in at least floor heights should be same as adjoining building and have a similar aesthetic.

    3. There is not enough street space for all the bins pavement already crowded on bin day.

    4. Last thing Bondi needs is another cafe. There are about 8 within 400 m



  3. Josef commented

    If we apply fair and reasonable consideration, there is no reason to object to this development. Taking into account the old apartment buildings and older commerical real estate in the area, the aged buldings are absolutley disgusting and well below saftey standars, some contain asbestos and others well beyond an eyesore. It is about time more land and property owners inject some funds into modernisation and redevelopment.

    1. 3-4 storeys is the standard norm in the area. Pretending it is any thing greater than the old buildings here or any of the other current developments is a unreasonable.

    2. Referring to privacy at your own personal balcony is selfish. Like all of us, who basically look straight into a neighbours bedroom, lounge or other living space, close your blinds if you have an issue. Most buildings here have no easment or space between them, what makes one persons balcony more important than the next.

    3. 154 is a new overdeveloped piece of land, like the new properties on Curlewis st crn Glenayr Ave and Blair crn Glenayr Ave. What reason would there be to deny the same opportunity to this plot. It seems selfish to live in a new modern 4 story building with a cafe below, and then tell the neighbour he can have the same thing.

    4. Building is totally within the keeping of the area, it is consistent with the future and the new buildings currenlty being developed. The benchmark should be now. Not the 1950s

    5. There is ample amount of detail. It is obvious the owner has spent tens of thousands of dollars across multiple applications. With over 30 reports and studies attached. I suggest one reads these before complaining. Then respond with logic not emotion.

    6. Steet space for garbage bins, hmm. The commercial garbage is collected according to the businesses desired schedule and living in apartment building means a strata appointed responsible party to put bins out 1 night of thee week. Im sure like every sinle other CBD or subrub in the country, they will manage.

    7. The space proposed for a cafe would clearly be beneficial to the area. More so than the ugly mechanic building, which generates hidious rattle gun sounds, paint fumes, and the most ugly oil tank out the front with scraps by its side. Get real - competition keeps retail prices down, quality up and if cafe not in demand next business will take the space. This is Bondi. Seriously, complaints about a cafe indicates further economic education may be required.

    8. Obvioulsy the council is expected to manage the asthetics and ensure it is consistent enough, however again Bondi, a little bit of difference and creativity is welcome in every aspect of the area. If an individual prefers another lifestyle, they could also reolcate. The land cannot.

    The current use and occupation of 156 Glenayr is gross and inapproriapate. It is time for new modern accomodation, and more commercial space to lower rent prices and increase offerings that people need. Up to date residences consistent with the future of the area.





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